Best SEO plugins for WordPress: a short review

One of the critical ways to get traffic to your site is by optimizing your blog posts for SEO. Having said that, you need WordPress SEO plugins to speed up and simplify the process. However, there are myriad of these plugins with each of them working in a different way. So, we provide a short review for Best SEO plugins for WordPress to help you choose the one that best suit your needs.

  1. Yeast SEO

Yoast remains as the most recommended WordPress SEO plugins in the market. Its popularity is no surprise as it gives users tons of flexibility over their sites. It lets you set up SEO tittles, meta keywords and meta descriptions to every post and page. It also gives an easy way to optimize your pages, image titles, categories, archives XML sitemaps, breadcrumbs and many others.

  1. Google XML Sitemaps

This plugin generates a special XML sitemap that makes it easier for search engines to index your blog and retrieve your site more effectively. Sitemaps also automatically send a notification to major searching engines whenever you make changes or add a new blog post to your site

  1. All in One SEO Pack

All in One SEO Pack is among the most talked about WordPress SEO plugins, judging from it’s over 30 million downloads. Used by agencies all over the world, this plugin is a great way to make sure your on-page seo is on point.  One SEO Malta firm has said it’s the building blocks with which they start every SEO campaign.  This comprehensive SEO plugin features XML sitemap support, Google Analytics support, and advanced canonical URLs. It also automatically generates META tag, posts title optimization and notifies all major search engines about changes you make on your site

  1. WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache works by converting your dynamic blog content to static HTML files. By doing this, your site’s speed is greatly increased, and your search engine ranking improved as well This quick caching engine has attracted over 1 million active users.

  1. Rol Nofollow Checkbox

This plugin lets you add the nofollow tag quickly and easily to all your rinks via the Edit/Insert dialog box. As a result, you can determine the pages that you want the search engines to give credit and those pages that the engines would not give credit. For instance, you can credit to an external site for using an infographic in your post from it, without giving a full endorsement to it

  1. Envira Gallery

Envira Gallery can help you improve the search engine ranking of you photo and image galleries. Its Deeplinking Addon allows you to create SEO friendly URLs for all images in your galleries. Besides, it has a Standalone Addon that enables you to create unique URLs for any of your photo galleries, which ensure that the search engine can index them in separate blog posts.

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Andbreak list of best computer speakers in 2017

You need a perfect pair of desktop computer speakers whether you’re a YouTube star, film buff, musician or a gamer. The thoughts of your neighbors might be different than yours but there is no harm in cranking that volume for a few times.

But the problem is that there are so many high-quality and popular brands available in the stores that it gets difficult for you to decide that which brand is going to work perfectly for you and which brand will help you enjoy the excellent sound quality according to your requirement. https://www.mygoldeni.com is the perfect place that’ll provide you a wide range of quality speakers.

There are lots of variables that you need to consider within this market. We have created a list of best computer speakers to help you out. The list we’ve generated will work perfectly for all the purposes.

Audioengine A5+ Active 2-Way Speakers

These are the speakers that can work amazingly in a variety of circumstances. With a balanced and accurate frequency response, these speakers provide you the right mix of sound reproduction. The bass they deliver doesn’t overwhelm at all. Even the eardrums are not pierced with the treble range they produce.

You can easily set them up like many other desktop speakers. You can easily connect them to your player’s USB device or headphone jack and you’ll be all set to enjoy the best quality sound.

Logitech Z623

These speakers are also known as the best desktop speakers in the market. They can easily boost any music with the powerful subwoofer they come with. Their design is also sleek and stylish. The great part is that it’s not much expensive.

Logitech provides you a Bluetooth adapter if you consider spending an extra $30.

Cyber acoustics

You might not be familiar with this name but their inexpensive 30-watt desktop speakers will be a great choice for you if you’re looking for a pocket-friendly option. They provide you an excellent and pocket-friendly audio experience for music, movies, and gaming with their 2 x 2-inch satellite speaker drivers.

It comes with a separate control panel that contains the aux-in jack and a 3.5mm headphone jack. The control panel can also be used to adjust master and bass volume.

Take a look at these best computer speakers of 2017 and find the best option for you according to your personal needs.

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How to decide where to take your computer for repair?

Getting your computer repaired is a big deal when you don’t have an idea where you should go.

At the time of going to the person where your computer is going to repair then, you should consider some facts to make it repair properly. Have a look at how you can make it repair and what you should look for.


Reviews are the basic thing you should look for when you are going for the computer repair.

If you are going to the center which is quite famous among the people but you don’t have any idea about it then you should check the reviews.

You can check the reviews on different social media platforms and in comments sections where you will come to know about the performance of the repair center.


You can get your computer repaired from computer repairs Brisbane but we recommend to you visit the shop before asking them to repair your computer.

If you will visit the place then you can see how people are reacting to their services and customers who are coming to buy something for their computers or coming to have their computers back then you check the reactions as well as you can talk to people about their experiences.


It would be good if you ask for the reference when you are going to any computer center for the repair.

If your friend or a family member has repaired their computer to that center then go for it. Reference will also help them in providing you proper services and they will keep you remember for the next time.

So, whenever you are going for the computer repair ask for the reference to some people for the advice.


When you are choosing the repairing center then check their experience as well. If they are working in the market for a long time and they got some good reputation then it means they have technicians who know how to work and how to provide satisfactory services to the client. Experience in repairing is essential to know about.

Cost and Specialty

Ask for the specialty and what kind of repairing is easy for them. Ask for the cost as well because you just need a right quote as well with the repairing.

If both things are according to your requirement and you are satisfied with the behavior and their rates are affordable then you are safe to go for the repairing. Let them diagnose the problem first and then let them guide you whether they are able to repair such computers or not.

Way of Dealing

Their behavior towards their customer is the major key to decide whether you should hire them or not.

If after repairing something is going to happen to your computer and you come to them to register you complain then how they are going to react it?

They will solve it or they are going to ignore you? You should discuss your concerns when you are hiring them.

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How to Hire a Web Designer Guide

Hiring a site designer or consultant for the World Wide Web is a good news – bad news proposition. The good news is, most designers have only been doing so for four years or less, which makes for a fairly level playing field. The bad news is, website design quality and pricing are all over the map. Finding a good, reasonably priced designer who understands how to design a site that will sell your products is important and often difficult. Paying a lot does not mean you will get an effective, profitable website.

web designer surrey

A recent article published on a leading Internet research site compared the effectiveness and design of large company websites (such as disney.com) to that of smaller businesses. In most cases, the larger company sites (often costing hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars) were ranked lower than sites costing under $10,000 because they were not easy for a consumer to use, had no way to search large sites or inconsistent design.

How am I going to hire a web designer?

So, small business person, what should you do? On one hand, you can not afford to spend thousands of dollars on a website. On the other hand, you don’t want to hire a 12-year-old who just left Best Buy with his/her first copy of XYZ Web design software. Or worse yet, a designer who “creates” sites by stealing the work of others.

If you want to hire an experienced, competent designer for your business or organization website, we recommend using the following guidelines:

  1. Be clear about your reasons for wanting a website and your expectations of what it can do for your business. Decide how many pages you will need and what you want your site to do (sell, inform, service customers etc.).
  2. Determine in advance how much of your total advertising budget you want to spend for the design, hosting and maintenance of your site.
  3. Do a search at Yahoo or AltaVista for designers who offer the services and benefits most important to you. If low price is your priority search “low-cost website design”. If you need a database search “database developers”. If you want to maintain your own site, look for “turnkey” designers etc.
  4. Examine sites created for businesses similar to yours. This will help you develop the look and feel of the site you want. (Plus, find out what your competitors are doing!)

    web designer services
  5. Visit the designers’ own sites. Is it well designed, does it look professional? Is it easy to navigate? Does it place well (top 30) in the search engines? (PS: We do!)
  6. Look for credentials. Does the designer belong to the HTML Writers Guild, International Webmasters Association or other organization that establishes ethical and design standards for Web professionals? (PS: We do!)
  7. Look for an expressed concern about your design needs. You need a site designer who cares how your site looks, functions and prospers.
  8. Visit the sites they have designed. Look at their craftsmanship. Observe the quality of workmanship. Do you find a lot of misspelled words, grammatical errors; busy backgrounds or different color backgrounds on each page; over-long pages; music, links or animated graphics that do not work; too many fonts and sizes, colors and blinking “things”; pages that mix four or more topics; unfocused, rambling text; no business contact information; attempts to process orders online without using a secure server; and inconsistent design elements? Any or all of these indicate a lack of design experience or professionalism.
  9. Contact a few of their clients. Ask whether they are satisfied with the designer and if they would hire him/her again. Ask if the original work and maintenance is done in a timely manner. And, how long it normally takes to get an answer to e-mail. (PS: Feel free to contact our clients!)
  10. If client names are not posted on their site, do a name search at Network Solutions. Type in the name of the designer and all sites they own or have registered will appear. Visit the sites and e-mail their owners. Click here to find a little more about what marketing can do for you.

    web designer guide
  11. If design prices are not posted on the site, write and ask for a design estimate. Ask what specific design services their fee includes. (Be aware, prices not posted are usually high.)
  12. Compare the offerings of each firm to get the most for your money. Select three designers based upon the services they offer and your budget.  Find out a little more here.
  13. How to make a final selection? Choose a designer who (based upon their work) is competent, listens to you, understands how to optimize a website, and attempts to understand the needs of your business. (PS: We do!)
  14. Look for a designer who will prepare your site keeping in mind quality workmanship, ease of use and security for your customers, enhancing the credibility and /integrity of your business and long range profitability. Get someone who will be in your corner, support you and work with you over the long haul and, stay within your budget. (PS: We do!)
  15. Remember, high-priced does not always mean competent. Skip the designer who seems to be too busy or just in it for the money. After your site is paid for, you may have a difficult time getting changes made – even if it is a part of your maintenance package.
  16. You and your site designer should have a contract for the work you want doing (PS: You will get a fair contract and a site planner.)
What else should I know before I hire a web designer?

web designer for small business

At the bare minimum, your contract should spell out the number of pages, product/service photos, the scope of the work, custom design elements, copyright ownership, total fee and payment arrangements, colors, graphics etc., who will handle search engine registration or promotion, a site maintenance agreement and completion date. (PS: Ours does!)

Free registration of your site with a minimum of the top five (or ten) Internet search engines/ directories should also be included. (PS: We do!)  Registration with more search engines or placement in the top 30 listings (if they can deliver) will probably cost extra.

Be sure you are listed as the Administrative and/or Billing Contact on the Domain name registration records. (PS: We will do this for you.)

Should you pay the designer a percentage of your profit? That is entirely up to you. This type of agreement is often used to offset high design and/or maintenance fees. (PS: We DON’T do this!)

Your website can be either a tool to increase public awareness of your products/services or a means to sell them. Re-examine the usefulness or profitability of your site in six months. Some changes may be in order. (PS: We will do this for you!)

Be willing to wait for results. A website may not make you wealthy overnight. But, it will enhance your professional image and increase public awareness of your product or service. It is a relatively inexpensive, sensible and worthwhile business investment.

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This is What You Shouldn’t Look for in a Web Design Service

The website is one of the business development sources of the client. Vendors of the companies usually ask for the online buying features on their website from the developer so they can grow their business.

web design company

But in reality, you don’t even know what you shouldn’t go for when you are looking for the website designing. This is the work of determination and hard work but there are few things you should consider at the time of looking for the website designer. Let us tell you what you should not see in the web design service so you will be able to build the website which has no bugs and errors in it. Click here to find more about web design surrey and other IT based skill sets.

Web development skills

web design company

A web design company can provide you better designs but they cannot provide you advanced development skills. The reason is that web design is a bit different than web development. You must ask them only what is compatible with their skills otherwise, you’ll not be able to find the perfect company. Web developers are not much creative in terms of design.

Knowledge only

It might appear strange but if someone shows you that they have plenty of knowledge and this is the reason for which you should hire then you must stay away from such company. The reason is simple that web design is not a field a knowledge only but it requires experience.

Without experience a web designer is nothing. It is just like a doctor who knows how to transplant a heart but doesn’t have practiced his knowledge ever. The same is the case with a web designer. There are many web designers who claim that they know all the web design languages but when you get your site developed by them, you find a lot of bugs and errors in it and this is where you realize that you must have hired someone with previous knowledge.

We are not denying the importance of knowledge but what we are trying to say here is that a perfect web designer is the only one who has enough knowledge and has practiced his knowledge at different platforms.

Experience but no advancement

If you find a company who claims that they have plenty of experience in the web designing but they do not have advanced knowledge then you shouldn’t hire them. Because technology is changing every day and new designs are coming into the world of internet.

If you hire such kind of company and get your site developed by them then you’ll definitely fail in growing your business because customers love to find latest design and style on your website. When they find the old dumb style on a website they never return to that website again thinking that it will not exist in the future.

Everybody needs some spice and some exciting looking features so if you couldn’t provide them what they want they would definitely go to someone else.

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How To Get More Followers On Snapchat

Over the past years, snapchat has proven to be worthy of their presence on the powerhouse circle of social media. Moving from being primarily a kiddies messaging service to a well-recognized social media platform by allowing its users to share photos and a short video mixed with emojis, text, drawing and filters,

This practically provides some more intimate ways to share life histories and stories with friends and family better than Facebook.

Snapchat also provide lovely custom geofilters and opportunities for brand sponsorship.

All snapchat users know that discoverability has constantly been a challenge because you will need to follow some people before you can get the chance to view the rest of their stories and videos. Be sure to get snapchat streak after you send and receive messages from a friend.

If you are on snapchat for business reasons in other to promote your brand or you just connecting with friends and families. You still need to be available for easy discovery and followership.


Here is how to get more followers on snapchat


Learn Everything On How To Use The Features


When it comes to having a user-friendly interface, snapcha do not have the best. The whole snapchat learning guide is ok but it is better for you to practice the usage of these features. At least you wont be breaking any rule by playing around the features to discover what they can really do. There are video tutorials out there also that you can learn from also. Take you time and learn about the features.


Engage and Follow! Engage and Follow!!


Be rest assured that snapchat requires you to follow others before you can have access to their stories. To get more followers on snapchat, you need to engage those that are following you and also follow brands and people that interest you or write and post pictures that you like. In the cause of you following them, you will have access to their stories and also be able to send and tag to. So it will be a difficult game not to follow anyone and expect people to follow you.

Remember, the easy part is to follow others but the difficult part is to constantly engage them.

Have A Genuine Interest


Everyone on snapchat is snapping away and posting pictures but the question is always how do you get people to view your post and pictures and still have the feeling of coming back again? This is the very challenge must people face. The simple magic is not magic at all, you absolutely guessed right. Providing friendly content is the answer to why we hardly get followers. It feels and looks old, but it is the best way to retain and get followership on a sustainable level.


Be Careful With This


On snapchat there are two mode features that are Private and Public. What the private means is that there is someone or some people you will like to talk to and share pictures with privately only with them or the individual. While the public mode simple says that everyone will see what you share. Be careful about how you use this mode in other for you not to share your private pictures with the public.


This knowing how will not just help you get followers but will also help you sustain them your followers. So snap your way all the way up there with some good followers.

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Choosing a Quality Hosting Provider

A webhost must satiate some quintessential requisites of hosting. Every webhost will have a plethora of plans and will put forth a myriad of features. You have to cut through these propositions and focus on the most significant elements.

Choosing a quality hosting provider is not a difficult task when you know what to assess and compare. Here is a brief guide that will help you to choose the best hosting provider based on your needs.

You can choose shared or dedicated hosting. Shared hosting is cheaper. Dedicated hosting is more reliable but it is often too costly for small to medium businesses, especially startups. Shared hosting has its merits and demerits. The first element you should focus on is uptime.

It doesn’t matter what plan you opt for, how much bandwidth you need and what kind of features the webhost offers. Nothing will be of any use if the webhost fails in ensuring uptime. Many webhosts promise 99.9% uptime and some even guarantee 100% uptime. Find out if a webhost actually ensures that kind of uptime. You may have a ton of great features but your website may not be live if the webhost doesn’t have the infrastructure and expertise to keep the servers live and running at all times.

Focus On What The Hosting Provider Promises

The second element to focus on is if the webhost delivers exactly what it promises. There are numerous instances wherein a hosting company has offered unlimited bandwidth but has capped it nonetheless. Don’t fall for promises that the hosting companies wouldn’t honor. Companies like HawkHost deliver on their promises. Very few will actually tell you what they would deliver.
It is easy to oversell, hard to over deliver. This doesn’t just apply to bandwidth or storage but also to customer service and more. If a hosting company can only offer live support for twelve hours, then they should not claim to have live chat or email support twenty four hours a day. It is easier for everyone to do their job when the claims are not hyped up.

Is The Hosting Scalable

The third element is scalability. Any hosting company with average infrastructure would be able to offer you reasonable storage. You need to know if the hosting company can offer scalability, from 1TB storage to 5TB for instance, from 100 emails to 500 emails or perhaps from normal antivirus security to SSL certification. As you grow your business, you would need to make your online presence formidable. That wouldn’t happen with adequate support from your hosting provider.

Final Hosting Thoughts

It’s tought to choose the right hosting provider with so many choices out there these days. Hopefully this article went a long way in helping you make the right decision when it comes time to host your site.

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AndBreak Top Ten Financial Blogs

Looking for good financial advice online isn’t easy. With several thousand money blogs and websites to sift through it’s easy to get lost. Blogs can be a great resource for finance tips and just about anything else you can think of. One of the best perks of a blog is the unbiased advice and stories of experience. Also, with the ability to comment on articles, videos, and slides it’s easy to contribute your ideas or see what others are thinking with a warm community feel. Check out these top 10 finance blogs for starters.


10 – Bible Money Matters


The topic of “money” is the second most popular topic in the Bible. This blog integrates faith and finance. Pete does a great job of providing his readers with solid financial advice with an emphasis on faith. You’ll find loads of content that is easy to navigate and you won’t feel bombarded by Bible versus. You can learn more about Pete and his family’s journey to get out of debt on his about page. Bookmark this site!

9 – The Digerati Life


This cool name for a blog is in fact dedicated to finance. You can read more about the name of her blog on her about page. Silicon Valley Blogger (SVB) has been in the game for a few years now. An entrepreneur at heart she launched Digerati Life as an experiment and since getting bit by the blogging bug has stuck with it. You’ll find her site very aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate. Don’t forget to check out her special deals as well.

8 – Free Money Finance


Looking for years of great content? This blog has a long history of great advise. The author knows what it is like to struggle at the bottom with not much money. Better yet he knows what it is like to raise to the top through adversity and he wants to share his success principles with you. Make sure you read his rags to riches about page.

7 – Wealth Pilgrim: Money Management


This blog gets straight to the point and introduces you to several great posts with a minimalist style. The Wealth Pilgrim also does a nice job of advising small businesses. Make sure you read about Neal Frankle. His story is sure to inspire you. Anyone can be financially successful at any age.

6 – My Dollar Plan


This blog has a dedicated staff focused on helping your with personal finance. My Dollar Plan is one of the best resources I’ve found for expert guidance for taxes. Now is the best time to check out this blog. Read up before you file your taxes. You’ll find it’s a great resource, don’t forget to bookmark this site.

5 – The Oblivious Investor


Check out this young man’s blog. If you read his about page you find that he’s had some of the best investor training available. Now he is taking it a step further buy writing a book series so you can have sound financial advice with you at all times. This blog is easy to navigate and clutter free. Look here for good cliff notes on investing.

4 – Moolanomy Personal Finance


I really enjoyed reading the Featured Reviews on this blog. Moolanomy offers a great mix of financial advice topics. All the info found here is also very well organized and it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. The community section might be the best part of this site, where you can ask questions or look for answers.

3 – Financial Highway


Are you looking for many different viewpoints? Financial Highway has a collection of six different writers who are all trying to help you be financially successful. They admit that money won’t buy happiness but used wisely is the key to success. Check out their blog and see if you agree.

2 – Frugal Dad


You’ll find that Frugal Dad has a good sense of humor, which is refreshing when reading about financial management. This blog is consistently ranked very high for one solid reason, great posts! You won’t have to search long to find something interesting on this blog. Put Frugal Dad at the top of your list.

1 – Free From Broke


Stop living paycheck to paycheck! That is exactly what Craig did and he became Free From Broke. This is a great resource to find relevant financial tips that aren’t out dated. You’ll want to check this blog regularly and bookmark it to make sure your getting the best money management tips and maximizing your money.

Other Blogs?

If you know of any other great personal finance blogs share them below.

We’re just getting warmed up. Search this site with the Google search bar at the top of every page or see what’s popular over to your right. Plus share a comment and get a “Kudos,” or “High 5.” After all it’s fun to share and bounce fresh ideas around.

Head back to the home page.

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