Build Your Success by Helping Others

help others

Everyone has goals and dreams. We all want to accomplish our goals and also get there in the least possible time. That’s why we are always trying to figure out ways of getting to our ‘making it’ point in life. It’s probably how you found yourself reading this article.

However, in as much as there are countless pieces of advice and well-laid out strategies, all specially crafted to lead you to success, out there, what if we have been wrong all along. What if this ” me, my dreams, my goals, etc” is not actually the right method for making progress. What if we need to stop spending all our time thinking about ourselves and spend more time helping others. Though this may sound a bit unbelievable, research as well as real life experiences have proved that helping can lead to your greatest success.

By Helping others, You will learn how to help yourself.  If you want to help someone out by lending your technological device for their education you can checkout trade in macbook.    Great philanthropists say that by helping others achieve success, you are helping yourself succeed. This is true because, by nature, when you help others, they will want to help you too in future. It’s actually a win-win situation and you will find that competent people are always do it.

Successful individuals like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates are always looking for ways to help others. You can learn from them and start doing so, too. Don’t adopt the mindset of most unsuccessful people who can only help others if there is something for them. Your motivation for helping others should be finding joy in making a positive impact in others and believe me, the rest will take care of itself.

Ways to help others that will lead you to success

  1. Share your network

Introduce others to people you believe can help them advance their goals. Networking is one of the most important step towards success and expanding other people’s networks brings them closer to their goals. As you share your network with others, you will end up expanding your own network and are likely to receive calls from people you least expected.


  1. Teach Others

Anyone with big dreams is definitely an expert at something. There is someone out there who can benefit from your knowledge; helping them get ahead in life.      When you spend your time teaching or mentoring someone, you learn new skills in the process. You will take your expertise to a new level and improve your capacity to solve problems.


  1. Be altruist

Putting other people’s needs before yours actually works in the real world. The more you help others attain their personal and professional goal, the more you, your business or organization will succeed. You are likely to achieve more than you have ever imagined.      In truth, being altruist does not lead to instant success but with time, you will realize it is very effective in giving you everything you have ever wanted.


More ways to help others that will lead you to success     There are many more ways to help others achieve their goals and in turn help yourself reach your desired level too. If you care about others, you will always identify opportunities to help others.



It’s not always easy to help others. Most times, it will affect your resources, time and schedule. But remember, the more you help others, the more you help yourself succeed.

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Video Streaming

Best VR Headsets for iPhone

It’s rare for iPhone users to feel slightly left behind the times. Yet with Apple still dragging their heels around releasing their own dedicated VR platform, for the time being, they just have to make to with compatible alternatives. On the plus side, there is a good variety of such options out there that will perform well and maybe not even break the bank either. Here are a few of the best.


1) Merge VR Headset


This funky VR headset serves as a great (and wallet-friendly) introduction to VR, and is an ideal option for any iPhone user wanting to bridge the gap until Apple release a dedicated kit of their own. Offering a serviceable 90 degrees viewability this is a lightweight and a very comfortable headset. Controlled by two touchpads which offer a good enough starter’s experience, the real highlight of this kit is the Merge app which is a godsend for helping source iPhone compatible VR games/software. Some may find the rubber design irritating to accommodate larger phone models, but overall this is a great introductory/stopgap choice.


2) BoboVR Z4

Tired of waiting for Apple and want to enjoy arguably the best mobile headset out there? Well, the good news is that the BoboVR Z4 offers an outstanding 120 degrees experience that is even better than the bigger names (Rift, Vive) out there. Incorporating headphones, adjustable lenses and with more than enough space to easily slot over glasses, this is a kit that is going to tick pretty much every box. If we’re nitpicking, it does get a little heavy (15oz with headphones, 11oz without) over longer sessions but any Apple iPhone user wanting to enjoy VR properly must consider this excellent unit. Get more reviews for vr headset for iphone – havethisbeast to get the best out of your VR head set.


3) Panosite VR Headset

This is another excellent option for those looking for a full-on VR experience straight out the box and ready to go. The lenses are arguably a little easier to adjust than the BoboVR Z4 thanks to a simple yet efficient rotary system than moves them closer or further from your eyes. As would be expected from a headset this size, there are excellent integrated headphones and they truly do make for an outstandingly immersive movie, gaming or exploratory experience. Even better, the remote will make gaming even more fun! All that lets this otherwise excellent headset down is that the straps are not the most comfortable.


4) AntVR TAW

Returning back to the ‘stopgap’ market, here’s another pocket-money contender that serves perfectly for testing out and enjoying the basic VR experience on an iPhone. While it may not be the sleekest looking option out there, it is very functional, easy to use and most important of all offers an impressive 100 degree visibility. As a wraparound set, there are of course no speakers so you’ll have to put up with your smartphone’s audio output. But beyond that, this is a solid choice especially for kids or curious newcomers to the wonderful world of VR.


There are plenty of other options out there but these four provide a decent representation of how affordable VR has become. Whether or not to choose and wait for the dedicated (and inevitably expensive) Apple release is a personal call. But none of these will let you down for the time being.

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Best VR Earsets

The Virtual Reality ear sets are one among the latest gadgets that everyone wants to get their hands on. The Virtual Reality kits provide the perfect cinematic experience to the users. With new tech coming up every day the Virtual Reality kits is definitely one of the greatest leaps.
When it comes to mobile phone operating systems there only two major players. The Android and iOS. They both are very different platforms. Most of the hardware designed for the mobile phones are separately designed for iOS devices and Android devices.

Every VR ear set is good in their own way. If you are buying one there a lot of reviews available online like vr headset for iphone – havethisbeast. Here are some of the best VR kits available in the market.

Google Daydream View

Whether it is a hardware or software from Google, you can always expect the best. The Google Daydream is the perfect update to Google Cardboard. The biggest advantage of Google Daydream is that it works on any mobile with an Android Operating System. With the cost it offers, and the quality it provides Google Daydream is something that is worth spending your money.

HTC Vive

When the HTC Vive hit the markets in August 2018, it was an instant hit, especially among the gamers. When it comes to gaming, the HTC Vive was direct competition for the Oculus Rift. Most of the pro gamers are placing their bets on HTC Vive. The HTC Vive lowered the prices after introducing the pro model. The advantage is, it comes with a motion controller, and the disadvantage is that it needs heavy graphics support like GeForce GTX to get the best quality images or videos.

Samsung Gear VR

Any gadget for the matter, Samsung is one brand that really gives a tough fight to the rest. If you are planning to cut down on the cost and at the time want some good quality Samsung Gear is the ideal option. The cost is really low for the quality it offers. The disadvantages are that you need a Samsung device to operate it. It is not as comfortable as its competitors. The other major factor is locked with Oculus’s mobile VR library.

Lenovo Mirage

The Lenovo Mirage is the collaborative effort of Lenovo and Google. It is the first one to combine the Googledaydream VR platform with WorldSense. The Mirage Solo is a separate device from Lenovo. It has 835 Snapdragon processor built-in screen. The Mirage Solo uses WorldSense to track the movements. If you are someone who opts for VR just for the sake of seeing videos, Lenovo Mirage would be fine. Other than that it is nothing but a compromise in a lot of aspects.

Oculus Go

When it comes to VR, there are two classifications. Tethered headsets that connect with the PC, gaming devices and mobile units. The Oculus Go is very different that doesn’t require a smartphone or any external PC. We need to credit Oculus Go giving an awesome product with very tolerable flaws for such a low cost. Oculus Go literally made VR kits available to the masses.

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Information technology

Recent advancements in networking


Recent advancements in networking include Network functions virtualization, Software-defined networking, and extensively distributed computing. While some of them like cloud computing and IoT are household terms, the fact they made huge strides recently means they deserve some attention. The advancements, nonetheless, continue to dominate the minds of network engineers as they strategize on even better them. Search for networking services Cincinnati to have complet understanding and its advancements.

Recent advancements in networking

Internet of Things

Recent development in technology has seen the introduction of more gadgets into IoT brackets. Consequently, we now live in a period where everything we use in our day-to-day activities is being connected to the internet. From cars to door lock to toasters, ACs, washing machines, and lights, the development has made it possible to connect virtually everything to the internet. In addition to connected homes, the Internet of Things is expected to expedite the creation of smart cities, healthcare, wearable, and transportation.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing, as well as cloud data storage, are some of the most recent developments that users find extremely useful. With this networking technology, you do not have to purchase several physical copies of music, movies or even game media. All you have to do is buy digital licenses before you proceed to stream or download the content from the internet. Evidently, therefore, you have an unlimited source of enlightening, educational and entertainment media.

Improved Cellular network Infrastructure

Both the deployment of 4G and improvement of the older 3G networks mean people now have the liberty to use their smartphones many functionalities. For example, smartphone users are able to utilize the same to watch television stations, video broadcasting systems and a full range of many other capabilities. Additionally, people now have unlimited means of remaining connected to each other whether through the home network, public Wi-Fi hotspots or smartphones.

Network Monitoring

Advanced firms in first world countries now have a way of dealing with network downtime that typically wastes time and hurt the image of businesses. A recent development in networking called DC RUM (Data Center Real-User Monitoring, a network performance monitoring system, ensures your system remains stable irrespective of the level of incoming traffic. The system passively collects data on traffic, analyzes and automatically discovers all servers, applications, and clients. The data gives company visibility on how users are interacting with the web thus enabling it to identify and take measures to minimize system downtime.

Cognitive Computing and Machine Learning

Since the advent of computers scientists have been excited about the notion of artificial intelligence. Fortunately, the idea is now becoming a reality. Many networking companies that include IBM and Apple have started reaping fruits from their investments in cognitive computing and machine learning. The systems function just like a human brain as opposed to like a conventional computer. They understand natural language, identify and sort videos and images. Consequently, they are able to make informed guesses and hypothesize in response to queries.


Despite their obvious usefulness and benefits, recent advancements in networking are facing opposition from conservative personalities. Skeptics most of the developments will not realize widespread use and meaningful applications. Some even claim that they will encroach on the privacy of their users. So, as we celebrate their breakthrough It is important to educate all and sundry so as to bring everyone on board.

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