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Google Duplicate Content Penalty

Posted on 18. Oct, 2008 by .

A lot of people are worrying about duplicate content penalties from search engines these days. Because people have been asking about this so much I thought of summarizing a post about duplicate content from Google’s Webmaster blog.

Do Duplicate Content Penalties Exist?

Yes and No! No because there are usually no penalties for duplicate content in the way people mean it when they talk about it. Yes because if you spread the same content under different domains there probably will be penalties. To put in the words of the Google blogging team:

Having duplicate content can affect your site in a variety of ways; but unless you’ve been duplicating deliberately, it’s unlikely that one of those ways will be a penalty. This means that:

  • You typically don’t need to submit a reconsideration request when you’re cleaning up innocently duplicated content.
  • If you’re a webmaster of beginner-to-intermediate savviness, you probably don’t need to put too much energy into worrying about duplicate content, since most search engines have ways of handling it.

Avoiding Duplicate Content Penalties

It is pretty simple to avoid these penalties. The first step is to not copy other people’s content to your web site. Also if you want to play it safe then just add this code to the header of your WordPress theme:
<?php if(is_archive()){ ?><meta name=”robots” content=”noindex”><?php } ?>
This will stop web crawlers from indexing your archive pages.

If you are still not sure about duplicate content then read the post from Google’s Webmaster Blog.

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