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Why is a WordPress.com Blog Good for Beginners?

Posted on 27. Oct, 2008 by .

WordpressThese days a lot of people keep writing that you should have your own domain for your blog and that this is really important. Further they argue that having a free blog is not good but I do not think this is true. I myself had a WordPress.com blog for several months. WordPress.com blogs are actually really good when you are first starting to blog.

Here are some advantages of WordPress.com blogs over other ones.

Benefits of WordPress.com Blogs

  • Easy to setup and use
  • No maintenance and administration needed
  • Almost no downtime
  • A lot of exposure through WordPress.com – WordPress.com publishes posts of blogs on their web site under certain tags. And because of that you get a lot of targeted traffic
  • Your blog is a sub domain of WordPress.com and thus receives a lot more traffic from search engines. Most of my good posts reached the first page of Google immediately
  • It is Free!

Of course there are several disadvantages of choosing a WordPress.com blog, e.g. you do not have your own domain. You also do not have so much control over the design of the blog (i.e. you have to use certain WordPress themes).
At the beginning though the benefits of WordPress.com blogs outweigh its disadvantages.

What do you think?!

2 Responses to “Why is a WordPress.com Blog Good for Beginners?”

  1. Steve

    28. Oct, 2008

    cool blog

  2. jules

    09. Nov, 2008

    thank you Steve!