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Increasing Traffic and Technorati Authority Through Forums

Posted on 05. Nov, 2008 by .

Increasing Traffic and AuthorityBloggers are always eager to increase their traffic and to reach a broader audience. Most people do not know how to do that, especially people that are new to the blogging world.

This is the problem! Beginners are the ones that really need more traffic and a higher technorati authority but they do not know how to achieve it. Already established bloggers already know the tricks but they do not need to use them since they are generating enough traffic already.

Use Forums to Increase Traffic and Technorati Authority

Forums are in general a great way to increase your traffic. But in this article I am talking about one particular forum that increases your Technorati authority and your traffic – Bloggeries. It is a forum made for people that are new to the blogging world – as the name suggests.

Bloggeries contains a lot of useful features. There is one particular section that is especially useful for beginners. It is called Show Off Your Blog!. Usually people create a thread there and ask other bloggers how they like the site or the design and what they could improve. This is what you should do too
Note: A rule of the forum does not allow you to create a thread until you have 10 posts! Keep this in mind.

Because of this start by helping out other bloggers and posting useful comments. Use the introduction page to introduce yourself to other bloggers – it is a good way to get to know new people.

By creating a new thread you increase your Technorati authority by 1, at least in the Show Off Your Blog section. The other benefit is some additional traffic being generated through the thread.

One last tip. Create a signature to which you add the url of your blog. When you post a comment this signature is automatically appended to the end of your post. Because of that it might generate additional traffic.

8 Responses to “Increasing Traffic and Technorati Authority Through Forums”

  1. HSCharles

    14. Nov, 2008

    I have a flash site
    i’m looking for the script who shows google ads on flash.
    can you give me the link?

  2. Julius Kuhn-Regnier

    14. Nov, 2008

    hmm I actually do not think that there is a Google Adsense script for flash.
    Have you asked the Google Adsense team? It might also be worth it to leave a comment on the Google Webmaster blog.

  3. selleriee

    17. Nov, 2008

  4. jules

    17. Nov, 2008

    yeah it seems to be a solution. Thanks selleriee for the advice!

  5. Enriceexcet

    22. Nov, 2008

    Nice blog mate :)

  6. JawengabsTabs

    29. Nov, 2008

    Hi Guys,

    Long time lurker, just thought i would say Hi :) sorry if this is the wrong section mods!



  7. Bloggeries

    08. Dec, 2008

    Thanks for the mention!! Hopefully everyone reading this will check out the forums. The more the merrier!

    • Julius Kuhn-Regnier

      12. Dec, 2008

      your forum is great for people new to blogging. I too used it when I started blogging