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How to Create a WordPress.com Blog

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Everyday there are lots of people wanting to create a new blog. Many of them think it is hard to set up a blog and that it requires a lot of patience.

Actually setting up a blog requires a maximum of 10 minutes. And for the patience part, well depending on your goal you do need a lot of patience or not any at all. To not waste any time I will now walk you through the process of creating a WordPress.com blog.

What is a WordPress.com Blog?

Well, first of all WordPress.com is a special blogging platform. The platform is based on the WordPress content management system. A content management system basically organizes your blog content and makes it easy to write new articles. That is all you need to know for now.

How Do I Create a WordPress.com Blog?

The process of setting up a blog on WordPress.com is really easy. To get started visit the WordPress.com web site.

Usually on the site there is a big button saying Sign Up Now. Just click the button and it will lead you to a knew page.

Wordpress sign up

User name

On the page you have to fill out the form. In the first box you have to fill in the username you want to use to log in, into your WordPress.com blog.

In the second and third box just add the password you want to use. The password needs to be strong meaning that you should not only use lower case characters but also upper case ones, numbers and symbols.

Email Address

In the last box you need to enter a valid email address through which WordPress will be able to contact you. Last but not least you have to click on the check box about the legal terms if you agree to them.

You do not have to change the last option as you want to get a blog anyway, so just keep the default. Then click on Next. Again you will be lead to a new page.

Wordpress Blog Sign Up

Blog Domain

First of all you have to choose your blog domain. The blog domain is the address through which you will be able to visit your blog. You have to choose it carefully because there is no way you can change it at a later point in time.

Tip: It is often useful to choose a blog domain name that is related to your content and easy to memorize, e.g. if you are writing about traveling in Europe, traveling-through-europe.wordpress.com might be a good choice. The problem with domain names is that most of the time the best domain names are already taken.

Blog Title

In the next box you have to fill in your blog title. The title is changeable at all times so you do not have to be as careful as with the blog domain. Just keep in mind that search engines pay a lot of attention to it so it is useful to add keywords that you want to rank for.

The next row covers what language you will primarily be blogging in. Change it to the language you want to write in, for most of us the default should be just fine.

After having chosen your language you just need to check whether you want your blog to appear in search engines. If you do not wish to be listed on the latter then just disable the check box.

Click on the Signup button and you are done. You have just created your very own WordPress.com blog!

Visit Your Blog

You will now be able to reach your blog under the domain name ([yourdomain].wordpress.com) you have chosen.

Go to Your Administration Panel

If you want to log in to your administration panel go to [yourdomain].wordpress.com/wp-admin . There you will need to enter your user name and the password you have chosen in the steps above.

I hope this article helped you in creating a blog and showed how easy it actually is to get one. If you have questions just leave a comment/contact me and I will do my best to help you.

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