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Text Link Ads Review

Posted on 15. Feb, 2009 by .

Text Link Ads Logo

Text Link Ads is a very young advertisement network. As its name suggests, it focuses on text link advertisement.

Usually ads are displayed with a nofollow in the link to prevent the advertisers from gaining link popularity. Text Link Ads relies on exactly the opposite. It normally shows ads with dofollow, so not only do the advertisers get visitors but also their site ranking with search engines probably increases.

Let’s take a look at what this company has to offer.

Sign Up Process

First of all the sign up process is rather simple. Of course you have to enter lots of information but once you are done you can already use the ad network.

After signing up the next step is to log in and to add a web site, so that you will be able to publish advertisement on your site. Afterwards you need to download a file which needs to be uploaded to your site. Depending on what type of software you use, you can download different files, e.g. when using WordPress you just have to download a plug-in-like file.

Install the file on your site and then wait for advertisers to purchase link ads.


The price of an ad unit is automatically determined, which is a feature that you have to get used to.

We use our own pricing algorithm that factors in: the traffic of your website, theme of your website, and link popularity of your website.

Because I actually wanted to increase the price for my ad regions I contacted the support team. On my request they did raise the price, so it is possible to change it after all.


The revenue from selling ad spots is split 50/50 between the publisher and Text Link Ads. This is a lot but you also have to consider that Text Link Ads (TLA) handles serving, scheduling, billing, and the sales for the advertisement.

Of course the revenue from the affiliate system is not split.

Affliate System

You can make money being a TLA affiliate by setting up a banner or text link referring traffic back to http://www.text-link-ads.com/. Any referred traffic that results in a new paid client or new publisher (with a minimum purchase of $25.00) will earn you $25.00.

I personally haven’t made any money through the affiliate system yet but a lot of well-known bloggers are using it to create a steady stream of income.


I never really had issues with Text Link Ads (TLA). It seems like the system really works and there are plenty of advertisers that want to purchase your ad space. Furthermore the payments were always on time and the customer service is also excellent.

Did you have a similiar experience with Text Link Ads?

4 Responses to “Text Link Ads Review”

  1. erick

    15. Feb, 2009

    another way for monetizing site.

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  2. HOBO(nickname)

    20. Feb, 2009

    But do we have to pay to purchase link ads. And blogspot will agree if a person use text links ads. ?

    Sorry for queries as I am ZERO in technical terms and I find HELP very tough to understand. I want the same in our language i.e., HINDI.

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    • jules

      21. Feb, 2009

      no you don’t have to purchase link ads. You can be a publisher meaning you provide an advertising space and other people can purchase the space to put advertisement on there. If someone does so you get paid.
      I just checked whether it works with blogspot and it does. So it might be worth it to sign up. Btw have you made any money from blogging yet?

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