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Text-Link-Ads Link Building Strategy

Posted on 13. Apr, 2009 by .

Improving your search engine ranking through Text-Link-Ads
I’ve been recently using text link ads a lot and had a lot of people advertising on my web site through it. After a while I started to notice a strategy people used to increase the ranking of their web site through Text-Link-Ads.

Link Building Strategy

The strategy is pretty simple.

  1. buy advertisement on a web site for a low price (it probably works better on blogs)
  2. renew the ad purchase every month
  3. repeat step 1 and 2 until your web site’s ranking has increased

Well, where is the strategy? The strategy is as simple as that but it’s a trick that makes it worth using

The Trick

The problem with Text-Link-Ads is that the price for an ad region is automatically calculated based on a special algorithm. If you build content on your web site or blog the price for your ad region will automatically increase over time.

But the advertiser, once he keeps renewing his advertisement placing, has to only pay the price which he paid for at the beginning.

For example my initial ad region price was around $15 in the early days, per text link per month.
After a while advertisers started to sign up for $15 and paid this price every month. In the meantime the price of my ad region had eventually gone up because more and more advertisers purchased a text link. Two months later my price was around $20 but the advertisers still paid $15.

This strategy allows advertisers to pay relatively little money and in turn also profit from the boost in PageRank and traffic the publisher’s web sites gets over time.

What do you know for link building strategies?

2 Responses to “Text-Link-Ads Link Building Strategy”

  1. Giles Dawe

    30. Apr, 2009

    ..but in terms of Page Ranking and outlinking link juice TLA is pretty bad, even Problogger promotes it but doesn’t use it!

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    • jules

      30. Apr, 2009

      Sure, you are right. Since search engines announced that they would punish this kind of link building the number of users of these networks decreased.

      And yes Problogger does promote it, the reason behind that is that they offer $25 per user that signs up. Darren Rowse probably earns around $1000 (my guess) through that, every month.

      In the end I just thought the strategy would be interesting for readers.

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