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What Kind of Blogger Are You?

Posted on 29. Apr, 2009 by .

FriendshipThere are lots of different types of bloggers around the Internet. Some of them write long in depth articles and others just create short to the point posts.

In general I would divide the several types of bloggers into 3 categories, the first being what I would like to call social media chasers. The other two are hybrid and readership bloggers.

The Social Media Chasers

Jacob Gube or the guys from Smashing Magazine would fit into this category. Typically their articles are rather long and are made to become popular on social media web sites. One commonly used post type is that of creating lists, for example a list of 20 beautiful photographs.

These blogs have created an audience that is deeply involved in using social media. You can see this if you just take a look at the number of times their articles become popular on Digg and other web sites, it’s almost every single article.

Readership Bloggers

A perfect example of readership bloggers is Maki from Dosh Dosh. All he does is to write long article that cover a topic in detail. He aims at providing valuable content to his loyal readers which you can also see by the number of comments he receives on each article.

The difference to the social media chasers is that people like Maki do not aim at getting to the frontpage of Digg. The articles are also written with the reader in mind.

Hybrid Bloggers

Bloggers that do both of the above are called hybrid bloggers. They create articles destined for social media from time to time but they also create readership articles.

Depending on their feeling they decide whether to write for social media or “only” for their readership. Darren Rowse is probably a good example for that since he does both.


In the end I guess you have to make a decision as to what kind of blogger you want to become. Currently I would place myself in the hybrid blogger category but I aim at creating a loyal readership blog.

2 Responses to “What Kind of Blogger Are You?”

  1. HOBO(nickname)

    30. Apr, 2009

    Unpredictable blogger I am.
    Because I do not know what I am going to type. But yes, I want to predictable(travel writer) if I start earnings from writings but it is a dream yet to be fulfilled. And if fulfilled I can whole-heartedly say “Yes, I write because readers love to read” – check profile.
    Writings pay almost ZERO atleast till-date.

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    • jules

      30. Apr, 2009

      It sucks that you are still not making money but usually if you do not think about wanting to make money, the money will just come.

      Also I am soon going to release a blogspot SEO guide which I hope will help you and other blogspot users in generating more traffic.

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