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Linking Chains
In the Internet traffic is important. Every web site owner wants to get more traffic to his web site. It’s a way of seeing that people like your web site since they keep coming back for more.

A web site isn’t worth anything without traffic. And because of that people have developed different strategies to generate more traffic.

Link building is one of them. As the name implies, it’s a way of getting links back to your web site. This will ultimately lead to more people visiting your web site.

This article will cover the art of link building through forums. It further talks about hidden problems that you will eventually encounter and more importantly about how to avoid them.

The first and essential part of link building is choosing a relevant web site from which to get links. In our case we are going to look at forums.

Choosing Relevant Forums

The first key aspect to successful link building is choosing a forum that is relevant to the topics you talk about on your web site. If you are writing about blogging then a forum which contains information about blogging would be suitable.

For every topic that exists, there are forums readily available on the Internet, even if you write about uncommon topics. To find these forums you could simply use Google. Enter something like yourtopic forum and off you go. You should be able to find at least 3 different forums. Now that you got forums to choose from simply decide on which forum would suit the best. We can than work on creating links.

Our Strategy

Before jumping ahead and creating lots of links, let me say a few things concerning our strategy: We want our link building efforts to look natural and legitimate since that’s what they are. Strategies such as spamming forums will cause more harm than good to your web site.

If 90% of your links come only from forums then this just looks wrong. Do not only use forums to create links to your web site, it will look artificial. You also have to avoid to always use the anchor text to link back to your web site. If you are not sure what the anchor text is than take a look at the picture below. In the signature are 3 links (they are underlined). In the first case the anchor text of the link is Experiment Garden.

Now that we got the basics let’s move on to the actual link building.

Forum Signatures

Throughout forums signatures are used. These signatures are a way of telling other people what web sites you own and how people can contact you. It is basically the forum version of a business card.

Forum Signature

The Troubling Signature

As seen in the picture, people use this signature to link back to their web site. There is just one problem: The signature never changes. If the signature never changes then that means that will have lots of links back to your web site with the same anchor, which is what we originally wanted to avoid.

We have to change the anchor text from time to time in order to look genuine. If you want to change your signature in your profile page of the forum it will be changed  in every thread you have written on. Then you would only have a different signature but one that is still the same in every post. Therefore this doesn’t help.

Using Custom Signatures

Instead of using always the same signature, there are people out there that use a custom signature, meaning one that changes all the time but that is not really a signature after all.
In forums it is common to use a long line to indicate the end of the post and the beginning of the author’s signature. Instead of using your default signature you can create your own one different for every post. All you really need to do is just copy the line, that indicates the beginning of the signature. Then you add a new line below it and enter your custom link with custom keywords. The next step is to simply paste it into the message you are posting in the forum. And you are done.
My Custom Signature

The great advantage of a custom signature is that you are always able to change it. Also keep in mind that in order to make it work, you need to uncheck the box which says to add your default signature as otherwise you would have two signatures below each other.

The next time you post something to the forum you just follow the steps mentioned above but use a different signature. That way you will have lots of links pointing to your web site.

Embedding Links into Your Forum Content

A better way to generate links and also traffic is to add links to the words you post on forums. If someone needs help with building a blog, why not give him some good advice containing links, one of which is pointing to an article of yours that talks about how to build a blog. This is the best way to gain links and also traffic through forums, because search engines also look at the context of the link to determine whether it’s important. A forum signature then is not as important as a link embedded in the post you just created.

It is further more natural for people to follow links that are embedded in content.


The best way to truly generate relevant links from forums is to use a mixture of both strategies I talked about. Just keep in mind that the relevancy of the links is very important.

What do you think of the strategies? Have they worked for you?

7 Responses to “Link Building Through Forums”

  1. Teen Blogger

    22. Nov, 2009

    Great Post.

    I think forums are a great place to get back links and traffic. If having a good signature people will click and visit your website. Also I think if leaving valuable comments you will get even more traffic.

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    • jules

      22. Nov, 2009

      You are right. I totally forgot about that. I guess I just focused on the signature part a little bit too much but it is very important to leave valuable comments.

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  2. Robomaster

    23. Nov, 2009

    Cool post. This does build links back to your website, but 99.99% of forums nowadays put nofollow on any links you post, and many don’t even allow you to link to your blog. So you can probably gain some traffic from linking to blogs, but you won’t gain any pagerank…

    Reply to this comment
    • jules

      23. Nov, 2009

      Are you sure? Because the last time I’ve checked forums didn’t use the nofollow attribute. I mean what good is it for for forums to put nofollow on any links? It doesn’t really change anything in my opinion.

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  3. Robomaster

    23. Nov, 2009

    If they don’t remove the nofollow attribute, it might encourage spam comments. Which forums do you comment on that don’t use nofollow? I’d love to find out, it’d be really helpful for me.

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  4. Robomaster

    23. Nov, 2009

    Great – I’m gonna register there and start posting!

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