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How to Enable Google Analytics Site Search for WordPress

Posted on 26. Mar, 2010 by Julius Kuhn-Regnier.


There are a lot of people using Google Analytics for their blogs. It’s a great way to get some insight on your blog. However there are a few things that you should set up in order for Analytics to be more useful.

One of these things is what I am talking about here: enabling site search. If you have site search enabled then this will give you a lot of insight into what kind of content your visitors are searching for and what they are trying to find.

Before we can start you of course need to have a Google Analytics account. If you don’t have an account then sign up for Analytics.

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10 Secrets to the Best Comments Ever

Posted on 20. Mar, 2010 by Julius Kuhn-Regnier.


Commenting is important nowadays. Mostly because of all the blogs. It has become almost an art by now.

But there are still enough people who haven’t learned about how to comment. Especially, about what you need to do in order to leave one of the best comments ever on a blog.

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Let Go of Your Fear

Posted on 15. Mar, 2010 by Julius Kuhn-Regnier.


There are so many people on the Internet trying to make money. And of course there are people earning a decent income through their web site. But then again there are others who are not making any money at all.

Why are some people successful and others aren’t? It certainly has to do with fear. The fear of not having enough money. Another part of becoming successful is to learn how to deal with fear.

As I’ve mentioned, wanting to make money is one of the most fundamental human needs. Because in the world, as it is today, you need to have money in order to survive. In order to be able to live your life.

But do you really? From our early childhood on we have been taught that having a good education and a decent job is important in your life. And of course it is. Education is important.

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The 3 Unwritten Rules of Blogging

Posted on 09. Mar, 2010 by Julius Kuhn-Regnier.


Rules are everywhere. Rules exist for almost everything.

There are rules as to how you should behave. There are rules about how you layout a book. They simply are everywhere.

And there are also rules that exist for blogging. Believe it or not.

Now you are probably thinking that these rules concern your blog, or your content, but they don’t. They are not so much about your blog but more about you as a blogger. The way you behave and what kind of mindset you have.

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Do You Want to Create a Better Blog?

Posted on 01. Mar, 2010 by Julius Kuhn-Regnier.


Recently James from the InfoPreneur had a discussion about who wants to work together. The article was about what kind of projects people wanted to do with him.

That got me thinking. One of my goals was to build a community around this blog.

In order to achieve this it’s essential to connect with each other. To help each other out.

The best way to help each other out as bloggers is to help them grow their blog. One of the ways that will help to grow a blog is by critizing it. By showing what could be done better.

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