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7 Real Life Bloggers to Inspire You

Posted on 25. Apr, 2010 by Julius Kuhn-Regnier.


Person in a field

This is a guest post by Tom Walker.

Are you a serious blogger? Do your goals include creating a blog that will afford you a living doing something you really love, and possibly even make you wealthy? Have you been at it awhile now? If your answers are “yes” here, then you know that the path to success as a blogger contains obstacles that need to be figured out, challenged, and eventually overcome. Achieving your goals takes hard work, and the going can get rough. That’s how it is when pouring yourself into anything that is truly worth doing. At times it may become discouraging. When those moments hit what you need is a double dip of inspiration.

A fantastic source of motivation can be successful bloggers who have blazed the trail, proving success is attainable with the right combination of talent, a solid plan well executed, and plenty of sweat equity. Here are some bloggers you should get acquainted with. Their stories, their success, and their passion for what they do just may energize your best efforts and allow you to break through to the next level. In no particular order, get to know:

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3 Essential Google Analytics Reports

Posted on 19. Apr, 2010 by Julius Kuhn-Regnier.


Lots of people use Google Analytics as their web analytics software but most of them don’t understand what it can do for them, what kind of information it can provide you with.

Generally you can say that metrics alone, such as Bounce Rate, Visits or Pages/Visit, aren’t really helpful. As with most information you have to seem them within the context. Think about it, what does a pages/visit metric of 1.8 tell me about my blog? Just that on average 1.8 pages are visited by people. It isn’t really meaningful without context.

What if you compare it to other Pages/Visit metrics from blogs that are in your niche? Then the metric can because a useful indication as to whether your blog is performing as it’s supposed to.

So that’s why we are going to look at some Google Analytics reports that are going to help you understand Google Analytics a little bit better.

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3 Exotic SEO Strategies for Your Website

Posted on 13. Apr, 2010 by Julius Kuhn-Regnier.


Jungle leafsI have recently read a lot about SEO and about search engines in general. It is generally a great topic and I would like to contribute some ideas to it.

Search engines are great. They help you find the information you want to find. That’s what SEO is about, trying to make your web site more accessible to others because you (hopefully) offer valuable information.

There are of course many approaches to SEO but I think some people are simply going wrong. If you solely focus on the good old search engine optimization way where you simply try to build links then you have to face some tough competition. And it’s getting harder each day. So why not be creative at trying to drive people to your web site? This is my list of the exotic approaches you can take to SEO.

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What Traveling through Scotland Taught Me about Blogging

Posted on 07. Apr, 2010 by Julius Kuhn-Regnier.


Photo made by Garwee

Recently a friend and I decided to travel somewhere. We didn’t really know where we wanted to go to. He actually proposed going to London but we have stayed there already and I wanted to see parts of northern Britain like Scotland where I haven’t been before. After looking for flights and talking to my friend we decided to go to Scotland. We booked the flight. We had one week to travel through Scotland.

That was almost all we did before we went to Scotland. My friend bought a map and the Lonely Planet guide for Scotland. That was it.

We arrived in Edinburgh and stayed there at a hostel. Only then did we decide where we wanted to go. The following days we simply traveled around Scotland. It was amazing.

It’s probably not as interesting to hear all this so let me get back to how this is related to blogging.

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How to Become More Productive

Posted on 01. Apr, 2010 by Julius Kuhn-Regnier.


Productivity is very important these days. No one likes someone who is lazy. It is just so strange that people are so stressed because they need to do tons of things. In order to reduce stress they want to be more productive. But this kind of productivity can definitely hurt your life.

It is weird that I talk about productivity as something bad and at the same time write an article about how to become more productive. But I hope you will understand what I meant by the end of the article.

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