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7 Real Life Bloggers to Inspire You

Posted on 25. Apr, 2010 by .

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This is a guest post by Tom Walker.

Are you a serious blogger? Do your goals include creating a blog that will afford you a living doing something you really love, and possibly even make you wealthy? Have you been at it awhile now? If your answers are “yes” here, then you know that the path to success as a blogger contains obstacles that need to be figured out, challenged, and eventually overcome. Achieving your goals takes hard work, and the going can get rough. That’s how it is when pouring yourself into anything that is truly worth doing. At times it may become discouraging. When those moments hit what you need is a double dip of inspiration.

A fantastic source of motivation can be successful bloggers who have blazed the trail, proving success is attainable with the right combination of talent, a solid plan well executed, and plenty of sweat equity. Here are some bloggers you should get acquainted with. Their stories, their success, and their passion for what they do just may energize your best efforts and allow you to break through to the next level. In no particular order, get to know:

Darren Rowse

Darren Rowse, Problogger, is a real blogger’s blogger. He is a guiding light to many, discussing not only the ways to create and build a successful blog, but how to manage life as a blogger. Sage, inspiring advice including how-to’s, latest trends, insightful guest posts, and more are the daily menu on his blog. If you’re looking for a model to follow, he offers the finest.

Yaro Starak

Yaro Starak is the Aussie entrepreneur who has mastered the art of blogging part-time and earning full-time income. His adherents are learning the intricacies of his Blog Mastermind Program, a splendid mix of practical skills and enthusiastic passion. Starak is the model of someone who succeeds by helping others find success and fulfillment. You could do worse in choosing a great example to emulate.

Rank Fishkin

Rand Fishkin knows SEO like few others, giving him guru status among online entrepreneurs of every stripe. That’s why when new bloggers want to learn the in’s and out’s of the search engines they turn to SEOmoz for the low-down. Smart veteran bloggers stay tuned, too, for Fishkin’s latest discoveries, tips, and highly accurate analysis. His blog is the go-to manual for those who want to make a splash in the search engines. He and his guest bloggers have the ability to take the sometimes complex world of SEO and make it understandable for blog authors at all levels of experience.

Heather Armstrong

Heather Armstrong worked for a dot com startup a decade ago and was fired for writing about her job in her blog, Dooce. The incident became legendary when Armstrong added the sugar of motivation and hard work to the lemons she’d been handed. The resulting tasty lemonade came in the form of one of today’s most popular personal blogs. She’s a hero to personal bloggers everywhere with her highly interesting, entertaining and personal entries. She has followed her passion and it has yielded tremendous success and fulfillment, an inspiration to others who feel just as passionately about their own lives and interests.

Timothy Sykes

Timothy Sykes was making good money as a trader in penny stocks. Then he switched to investing, and took a 35% butt-kicking loss. The results? He learned from it, regrouped, and is doing some butt-kicking of his own now. It’s all outlined in his blog, and every day new investors in penny stocks are getting on the BullShip and riding the waves to very tidy profits.

Mario Lavandeira

Mario Lavandeira has been the man behind Perezhilton since 2005. You might not dig his style, but his success is unquestioned. He’s taken edgy, some would say nasty, celebrity gossip to new, juicy lows. He was all over Lindsay Lohan’s alcohol and driving arrest, and his coverage netted 8 million hits in one day. That kind of buzz will earn you plenty of recognition and more than a few dollars!

Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan is a bestselling writer and the author of the leading blog about social media and their influence on human relationships and business. His invitation to readers is to “learn how human business works,” and that forms the foundation for his posts. Understanding the phenomena and incorporating social media into blogging is essential, and Chris does it as well as anyone, a great template to follow.

Choosing any of these successful bloggers as a mentor-by-extension will yield to the intuitive reader a wealth of knowledge and practical help, plus provide plenty of inspiration for their own pursuit of blogging success. What more can you ask from a teacher? Check out these superstars of the blogosphere and learn, grow, and flourish!

What do you think? Who should you add to this list?

Tom Walker is a writer and blogger who works with an online store specialising in ink next day and other print supplies. He is the lead editor of their design blog where he writes about print ads, art and design.

5 Responses to “7 Real Life Bloggers to Inspire You”

  1. Melvin

    27. Apr, 2010

    There are quite a lot if you ask me but the bottom line is always not just to get inspired, but also to use that inspiration to take action. that is what counts the most

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    • Julius

      27. Apr, 2010

      Thanks Melvin. I agree taking action is the most important part. If you don’t take action then you won’t get anywhere. Thanks for the comment!

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  2. mark

    29. Apr, 2010

    Thanks for the list Tom. I have heard of only a few of them & now I have some surfing to do. Have a good day!

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  3. WPExplorer

    05. May, 2010

    If you have never heard of Problogger than you should give up now… :)

    This is a nice list but I am REALLY surprised that you have left out Chris Pirillo.

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    • Julius

      05. May, 2010

      Thanks for the comment! I actually didn’t write the article, it was a guest post from Tom. I actually don’t know Chris Pirillo myself. Who is he? What does he blog about?

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