Resources Every Blogger Needs on a Daily Basis

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Man screaming in the desertToday I want to talk about all the resources you need as a blogger. I personally have some web sites that I use for pretty much everything concerning blogging and Internet marketing. There are lots of things involved that you need to do on a daily basis.

That’s why I want to show you what websites I use on a daily basis.

Creating Better Content

We know that the content of websites is the key to being successful on the Internet. If you don’t offer good content then people will not stay on your blog very long. The websites mentioned below will help you to create better content.


Finding images for blog posts is an important part of blogging. I have two major web sites I use for finding images. The first one is which offers free images for everyone who signs up there. It’s a great resource and offer lots of good pictures. Be sure to check it out.
The second resource for me is Flickr as it offer some great pictures which you can freely (depending on the license) use on your website. I always use pictures with the Creative Commons Attribution license since all you need to do is to credit the author.


If you include quotes in an article then this can make your article so much better. Of course it depends on how you use it but especially for blogs adding a quote to the end of the post can really engage your blog readers. Whenever I am looking for quotes to put in an article I visit Inspirational Quotes. It’s a great website with tons and tons of quotes.


Depending on which country you live in you will need a dictionary. I am German so sometimes I just have to look up some words which I know in German but which I can’t really translate. That’s when a dictionary comes in handy.

Search Engine Optimization

Every blog owners wants to rank well for certain keywords. Search engine optimization will help you just do that. Down below I have listed all the resources I use to rank better on search engines.


Whenever I am doing keyword research for any reason I take a look at Google’s Keyword External Tool. It’s the tool I use most often. It’s a great tool for doing any major keyword research. This is simply a must for every Internet marketer.
At the moment I am using Google Adwords on some of my sites to drive traffic to them. Most of the time I end up using the Google Adwords Traffic Estimator. The tool basically shows you how much traffic you are going to get from Google Adwords based on your keywords and on how much you are willing to spend on a daily basis. If you are using Adwords then be sure to check it out.

Article Submission Sites

Article submission sites are a great way to get backlinks and traffic to your website and EzineArticles is my favorite one. There are of course lots of other submission sites but not even one comes close to the quality of EzineArticles.


Most of the people know Alexa since it ranks every webpage based on the amount of traffic it gets. But you can also use Alexa to do keyword research and analyze other websites. The most useful tool of Alexa is the SEM tool which you only get access to if you have the Alexa toolbar installed. What this tool gives you is all the keywords that are related to a topic you chose. The keywords are for PPC campaigns and will give you a hint of what low cost keywords there are related to your topic.

Social Life

The Internet is full of social networks nowadays. I don’t necessarily mean sites like Facebook or Digg but also communities as you can often find in forums.


I have been active on a forum for some time. Bloggeries is the forum I use because it has a big blogging community. Forums are a great way to get some exposure and if done right you can drive highly interested people to your blog.


Everyone knows Twitter by now. Twitter is a great place to get ideas or to catch up on the latest news or to simply check on your buddies. Depending on how you use it it also has the potential of driving tons and tons of people to your blog.

Making Money

There are lots of people trying to make money through the Internet. And there are lots of people who have managed to generate a decent income through it. No matter whether you are making money or not there are a few websites that are essential.


There are lots of people using PayPal these days. If you are blogging and trying to make money then you need to sign up for a PayPal account. Most of the websites will only send you your money via PayPal that’s why having an account is indeed essential.

Affiliate Networks

There are tons of affiliate networks on the Internet. The one I like best is Clickbank because it offers tons of products and also high payouts for affiliates. If you haven’t heard about it then be sure to check it out.

What do you think? Was this list of websites useful to you? What kind of websites do you use?

12 Responses to “Resources Every Blogger Needs on a Daily Basis”

  1. Eric

    29. May, 2010

    I personally like the relationships I built with other bloggers by using some of these techniques and I think we can all do better with the tools we have available to us.

    What do you think?

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    • Julius

      31. May, 2010

      I again agree with you here. I think blogging is all about building relationships and the tools we have available help us to get better at it. For me the lessons I have learned from blogging are important experiences for my life. I have never really learned that much just through being connected to other people. Thanks man ;)

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  2. Shirley Osei-Mensah

    31. May, 2010

    These are really really great resources you’ve shared, Julius :).

    I think almost every blogger will certainly find this helpful :).

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    • Julius

      01. Jun, 2010

      Thanks Shirley for the comment. I am glad you like them. I am soon hoping to create some new/other content based on my rather new experiences on the Internet. Will see whether it works out.

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  3. James King

    01. Jun, 2010

    Hi Julius,

    Great blog post. Hope your well. Relationships are very important for an online success.

    Another great website for free images is, check it out.

    Quotes are also excellent to use, I’ve used those for tweets as well.

    I am not really a fan of the Alexa tool, because it is mostly used by people that know what Alexa is about. It is fine if you are selling products to a technical niche, but it is mostly measured by users of Alexa toolbar.

    Another good site for looking at traffic is This shows the traffic.

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    • Julius

      01. Jun, 2010

      Hey James, thanks for the comment. I will definitely check out Thanks for mentioning it.

      Yeah Alexa of course has its problems. But if your website is under the 100k it’s quite accurate. And yes is also a nice resource.

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  4. ChickenFreak

    02. Jun, 2010

    Wikimedia Commons is also a great place for images, drawn from a large variety of sources. They’re all free, though the licenses vary – some public domain, some attribution required, variants of Creative Commons licenses, and so on.

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    • Julius

      03. Jun, 2010

      Thanks Chickenfreak. I forgot to mention Wikimedia Commons, it’s indeed a nice resource for getting images. I haven’t actually used it myself but there seem to be a lot of people using for images on their blog.

      How are your blogs going?

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  5. Daniel Vill Elux

    07. Jun, 2010

    I also use Flickr for finding images for my blog posts. But right now, I just learned photography so, I guess, I will be working on my new blog posts with my own images.

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    • Julius

      09. Jun, 2010

      Yeah that’s also a great way to find pictures. I have also been somewhat active in photography and it’s a great way to get the right pictures you need for your blog posts.

      Thanks for the comment!

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  6. Baker

    14. Jun, 2010

    Wow. Great information here, for anybody looking for success in the blogging sphere. Great content and very useful! At the moment I like Twitter and Facebook for promotion and connection with other like minds. Good content!

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    • Julius

      16. Jun, 2010

      Thanks Baker. I am glad you like the information. I agree with you Twitter and Facebook are great ways to connect to other bloggers.

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