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How to Build a Mini Site

Posted on 07. May, 2010 by .

People in Wooden HouseI have recently written an article on FamousBloggers about mini sites and how you can make money from them. In this article I also want to cover some of the concepts of mini sites. But I will go beyond the things I have covered on Famous Bloggers.

First of all let me explain the idea behind mini sites.

What Are Mini Sites?

The concept behind mini sites is easy. They are basically small web sites, as the name implies, with only a few web pages. These pages highlight a product that you want people to buy. Through an affiliate link you then lead your visitors to the product’s sales page and hope that they are going to buy it.

The whole purpose for creating mini sites is to make money.

The Theory

Generally, as anyone knows who has built web sites, it’s the case that the larger your niche is, the harder it is for you to get traffic. With mini sites you only aim at getting 400-3000 visitors per month once it’s completely set up. You can achieve this by focusing on a very narrow niche. It’s not really a niche but it’s rather one keyword that you focus on.


The first step for creating mini sites is to find a product which you want to promote. You can promote all sorts of products from books to video games. Just pick a product you are interested in. I believe that you should only promote products that you have personally used and that you believe in.

This has the benefit of you being able to promote it better since you know what it’s about. There are too many web sites out there promoting products that they haven’t used themselves, so don’t be one of them.

To find the product you want to promote you can go to affiliate networks such as Clickbank or use Amazon’s affiliate network. Then just pick a product that you like and that you believe people will be interested in.


What you want to do is to find a keyword that is related to your product. This keyword will ideally lead several thousand people per month to your site.

It needs to be a keyword with few competition which makes it easier for you to rank faster and better. Also keep in mind that the keyword you are targeting should be a buying keyword. If you focus on building a mini site around golf then buying keywords for golf might be golf course, golf training, and so forth.

The best way to find that keyword is by using Google’s Keyword tool, and I will cover this in another article soon.

Setting Up the Mini Site

Then your next step is to actually set up your site. In order to create a good mini site I advise you to buy your own domain. Ideally the domain should include the keywords you are trying to rank for.

The next step is to actually create your mini site. You can use some very basic templates but I would recommend that you simply stick to using HTML and CSS to build your site. If you are very familiar with WordPress then you can of course use this too, just remember that it wasn’t built for creating mini sites.

Generating Traffic

This is actually the key to building mini sites. You need to generate traffic in some form to your site. There are two major ways to do this. The most popular one is to rely on SEO and to generate lots of traffic through ranking for the keyword you have previously chosen.

The other is relying on PPC campaigns. You can use Google Adwords to drive traffic to your site but of course you need to pay for it.

To be honest I am relying on both of these strategies but PPC campaigns can drive traffic faster to your site. It generally takes longer for you to rank naturally for your keyword in Google and you need to spend a lot of time on building links.

Optimizing Your Site

After you are ranking fairly well in search engines it’s important to further optimize your site. Test different placement of images or change the text from time to time to see what works best.

One thing that I like to do is that once I rank highly for a keyword I then try to rank well for another related one which makes it possible to drive even more traffic to your site.

What do you think? Would you like to hear more about the concept of building and using mini sites to generate an income?

12 Responses to “How to Build a Mini Site”

  1. Eric

    10. May, 2010

    I have plans for building a mini-site that I just haven’t done much with yet. I’m focusing on building up my blog and then might put a few more projects together.

    What do you think?

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    • Julius

      10. May, 2010

      Hey Eric good to hear from you and thanks for the comment ;) I think it’s a good idea to build up your blog and I hope I will be able to do it through getting some expertise in building mini sites. I am also writing an ebook on that subject and I will give it away for free as soon as it’s ready.

      Tell me whether you need anything Eric and I will be glad to help you out ;)

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  2. Murlu

    20. May, 2010

    If you’re very ambitious (or just have a lot of free time) you can do split testing for each minisite or on a host of minisites.

    I have one niche I really enjoy creating mini sites because there are many similarities but each thing is quite different than the other.

    For example, let’s say you were writing about mp3 players. You could make a minisite just about an mp3 player and still have dozens of others you could do the same.

    On one of the sites, you could use only Adsense. The other could use Amazon associates and the third could be for eBay.

    Since some of the articles would be similar (top 10′s, how to use the device, etc) you could have a general idea of traffic and scope.

    Run each of the websites for a while and see which monetization method works the best.

    From there, you an begin creating link wheels through article marketing, social bookmarking and building backlinks on blogs and other websites.

    Even if you’re only getting a dozen or so people to the website each day, they’re still highly relevant visitors because of the focus of your niche – this leads to conversion.

    In all, mini sites are really fun to play around with. You don’t have to make the investment as you would with a large ecommerce site or blog. Pen off some great articles, promote the site and play around with them as you please.

    Great post btw :)

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    • Julius

      20. May, 2010

      I totally agree. I also like the process of having to manually build tons of links for you site to get it to rank. It’s quite a unique experience. And yeah you can always play around with your mini sites and the great thing is that once you have a few of them within the same niche you can interlink and therefore get important backlinks (but of course only if they are about similar products).

      Thanks for the great comment!

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  3. Michael

    13. Jun, 2010

    I would like to see what HTML/CSS Templates you recommend.

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    • Julius

      14. Jun, 2010

      Thanks for the comment Michael. I use a layout similar to a sales page layout. Basically it’s just a one column layout without a big header. I will be sure to soon write about that.

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  4. Yevgen

    26. Aug, 2010

    Well, “mini-sites” usually called “landing pages” or “sub-product pages” in affiliate marketing.

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    • Julius

      26. Aug, 2010

      Thank you Yevgen. I wouldn’t say that mini sites are the same as landing pages or sub-product pages. Mini sites are simply a certain type of website that contains few pages. Landing pages and sub-product pages aren’t the same thing.

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  5. Joel

    02. Jan, 2011

    Julius what would you recommend as the easier way for someone to build a simple minisite when they have absolutely no programming experience but affliates/good domain/hosting name etc ready to go.. feel free to contact me at xymedia at gmx.com

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  6. MiniWebGraphic

    16. Apr, 2011

    Nice info. I like to make minisite manually. using free image on internet.

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  7. Rose Offner

    20. Jul, 2011

    Hi Eric,
    Thanks for sharing information on blogging, money making and sharing. Why would you give your e-book away? Why wouldn’t you at least charge 99 cents? I understand giving things away, but if readers trust and value your content wouldn’t they also be willing to pay a small amount for promised outcomes that have been tested. I am just curious.

    Some people publish free and for pay documents on Scribd have you ever used Scribed?

    Thanks for your help and suggestions with blogging,
    Rose Offner

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  8. Josh

    17. May, 2013

    Great post.

    I enjoy building out minisites and agree with you about the value of doing so. I mainly focus on descriptive domain names and keep an eye on how my portfolio is performing before choosing to develop a domain out into a minisite.

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