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Why You Should Be an Active Blogger

Posted on 16. May, 2010 by .

I haven’t been so active recently. This has several reasons. First of all I am focusing on building up my mini sites. But at the same time I am also having problems with the Internet. I haven’t had Internet for 5 days straight. It’s annoying but it will get better soon since I am going to move to a new place.

There are still several things that I have learned from this: You need to be an active blogger.

Why Be Active?

There is almost nothing more important than being active. As I’ve mentioned above I haven’t really been active. But it is essential to be. Why?
The reason is simple. First of all you build up relationships with other people if you are active on the Internet and once you stop, it’s hard to get back to doing it. Another reason is that when I am active in the blogosphere then I get a lot more traffic and a lot more comments.
Take a look at James’ and Hesham’s blog. They are both very active bloggers and thus get tons of traffic and comments. You can of course also grow your web site by being rather passive but it will take a lot longer.

Reach Out to People

Being an active blogger also means reaching out to other people. You can’t really be active without building relationships with other bloggers. It’s all about helping other people.

You can’t expect other people to drop a comment on your blog if you are not willing to drop one on theirs. It’s about giving. If you simply focus on that then you will get lots in return.

It’s About Action

Active bloggers are also the ones who quickly take action. They might succeed, they might fail but most importantly they keep on going. There are lots of people around us that say that they will take action. They say that they will do this and that. But they never do.

I have to admit that I am like that. I have told people that I would do some things but I never got around to doing them in the first place. I don’t necessary think that it’s such a bad attitude as long as you take action for the things that matter most to you.

People may doubt what you say
but they will believe what you do.

In the end it’s about taking action and doing the things that matter most to you.

What do you think? Are you an active blogger?

4 Responses to “Why You Should Be an Active Blogger”

  1. Nile

    16. May, 2010

    On occasion, I have days where I somehow have no access. Because my main career is web design, I need to be online. If it is during the day, I usually go to the local library and load up the things I worked on offline – that way I make my deadlines. I can also post my blog posts to the various sites I maintain and guest write for.

    It might suck if you are a person that focuses on your Alexa rank and traffic numbers by the day because if you are a frequent blogger and miss one day, you will notice the difference in the amount of visitors.

    I know you are working on mini sites, but I can recommend this from my experience: schedule it out. Take a bit of time for each.

    For example, it is not uncommon for me to take on several web design projects in a week. I will space each out in 5-7 days completion, and the client is aware of that. In that time I am able to also schedule my blog posts, social networking, and my own offline routine.

    Good luck!

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    • Julius

      18. May, 2010

      Thanks for the comments Nile! I agree with what you are saying here and I think it’s a good way to structure your time available. I have tried different schemes but it’s always hard for me to follow through with it.

      What I actually do now is that I write down the things I want to do for the day and then cross them off after I have done them. I think this helps me to become more productive. Great comment btw.!

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  2. Eric

    29. May, 2010

    Being active and taking action is exactly where it’s at and always will be. Making sure to stick with it and keep going is what gets you there whether you fail a thousand times or not.

    Above all, keep it simple and make sure to have a schedule and stick to it so that things keep getting done.

    Keyword there by the way is ‘getting done’. Just being busy with stuff isn’t necessary and doesn’t do you or anyone else any good. Make sure there’s a plan and you’re actively improving as you go and getting some kind of results.

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    • Julius

      31. May, 2010

      Thanks Eric for the comment. I agree. It’s all about getting things done and helping others promote their content. Naturally this will lead to people promoting your content.
      A weekly schedule is also important to have because you will know when you need to which things.

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