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My Mini Site Experiment

Posted on 30. Jun, 2010 by Julius Kuhn-Regnier.


I have created several mini sites within the last few months. The reason why I did this was to actually make money through them. So in this article I want to share my experience with you on mini sites.

I have to warn you though. I haven’t quite mastered the art of building mini sites but I hope that this article will still prove useful to you.

For everyone who thinks about creating a mini site I can only say: Simply try it. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot of things while creating these mini sites and that’s why I will keep on creating more of them. The most important thing you shouldn’t underestimate with building mini sites is that you gain lots of experience especially concerning SEO.

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How to Analyze Your Blog Neighbors

Posted on 23. Jun, 2010 by Julius Kuhn-Regnier.


Your Blog NeighborsI just recently realized one of the best ways to analyze other blogs. Usually and even with smaller blogs you are interested in what kind of traffic they are getting and the amount of traffic they get.

Well I have to say that I have found the perfect tool.

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The Problem with Starting a New Blog

Posted on 16. Jun, 2010 by Julius Kuhn-Regnier.


Many people are starting a blog each day and it’s understandable as to why. Some want to make money while others simply think about getting their voice out.

In this article I want to point out the mistake that too many people make when they start blogging.

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How to Size Up Your Blog Using Ratios

Posted on 10. Jun, 2010 by Julius Kuhn-Regnier.


Photo made by Irargerich

Do you know whether your blog is running the way you want it to?

It’s always important to be able to measure the success of your blog. To do that a lot of people turn to PageRank and other measures to find out whether their blog is truly growing. But that’s not the only way you can measure your blog. An even better method is to make use of ratios.

In this article you will find out how engaged your visitors really are. How much of your content do they consume? Are they really interested in your content? These are all questions I aim to answer in this article.

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How to Pick the Right Product – Building a Mini Site

Posted on 04. Jun, 2010 by Julius Kuhn-Regnier.


In a Shopping CentreI have recently started to create several mini sites. Instead of focusing on making money through my blog I thought of simply creating web sites that are built around a product I like and use.

I have previously talked about the theory behind mini sites. Basically what you are doing is promoting a product (or you could also just offer content). Through an affiliate link you then send your visitors to the sales page of the product. Once the visitor buys you make money.

That’s a really short description of how it works but since I have already explained the theory in detail I am not going to touch on this subject again.

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