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AndBreak Top Ten Financial Blogs

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Looking for good financial advice online isn’t easy. With several thousand money blogs and websites to sift through it’s easy to get lost. Blogs can be a great resource for finance tips and just about anything else you can think of. One of the best perks of a blog is the unbiased advice and stories of experience. Also, with the ability to comment on articles, videos, and slides it’s easy to contribute your ideas or see what others are thinking with a warm community feel. Check out these top 10 finance blogs for starters.


10 – Bible Money Matters

The topic of “money” is the second most popular topic in the Bible. This blog integrates faith and finance. Pete does a great job of providing his readers with solid financial advice with an emphasis on faith. You’ll find loads of content that is easy to navigate and you won’t feel bombarded by Bible versus. You can learn more about Pete and his family’s journey to get out of debt on his about page. Bookmark this site!

9 – The Digerati Life

This cool name for a blog is in fact dedicated to finance. You can read more about the name of her blog on her about page. Silicon Valley Blogger (SVB) has been in the game for a few years now. An entrepreneur at heart she launched Digerati Life as an experiment and since getting bit by the blogging bug has stuck with it. You’ll find her site very aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate. Don’t forget to check out her special deals as well.

8 – Free Money Finance

Looking for years of great content? This blog has a long history of great advise. The author knows what it is like to struggle at the bottom with not much money. Better yet he knows what it is like to raise to the top through adversity and he wants to share his success principles with you. Make sure you read his rags to riches about page.

7 – Wealth Pilgrim: Money Management

This blog gets straight to the point and introduces you to several great posts with a minimalist style. The Wealth Pilgrim also does a nice job of advising small businesses. Make sure you read about Neal Frankle. His story is sure to inspire you. Anyone can be financially successful at any age.

6 – My Dollar Plan

This blog has a dedicated staff focused on helping your with personal finance. My Dollar Plan is one of the best resources I’ve found for expert guidance for taxes. Now is the best time to check out this blog. Read up before you file your taxes. You’ll find it’s a great resource, don’t forget to bookmark this site.

5 – The Oblivious Investor

Check out this young man’s blog. If you read his about page you find that he’s had some of the best investor training available. Now he is taking it a step further buy writing a book series so you can have sound financial advice with you at all times. This blog is easy to navigate and clutter free. Look here for good cliff notes on investing.

4 – Moolanomy Personal Finance

I really enjoyed reading the Featured Reviews on this blog. Moolanomy offers a great mix of financial advice topics. All the info found here is also very well organized and it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. The community section might be the best part of this site, where you can ask questions or look for answers.

3 – Financial Highway

Are you looking for many different viewpoints? Financial Highway has a collection of six different writers who are all trying to help you be financially successful. They admit that money won’t buy happiness but used wisely is the key to success. Check out their blog and see if you agree.

2 – Frugal Dad

You’ll find that Frugal Dad has a good sense of humor, which is refreshing when reading about financial management. This blog is consistently ranked very high for one solid reason, great posts! You won’t have to search long to find something interesting on this blog. Put Frugal Dad at the top of your list.

1 – Free From Broke

Stop living paycheck to paycheck! That is exactly what Craig did and he became Free From Broke. This is a great resource to find relevant financial tips that aren’t out dated. You’ll want to check this blog regularly and bookmark it to make sure your getting the best money management tips and maximizing your money.

Other Blogs?

If you know of any other great personal finance blogs share them below.

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