Unique Web Design Ideas for Your Website


Whether you are making a portfolio, launching your business, or promoting an app to potential customers, you like your website to stand out and be outstanding among the rest, while catching and holding the attention of your visitors as well. As anyone who has tried to create a site knows, that could be a tall order.

The first block normally occurs at the stage of idealization, often when you are not searching for web design ideas to deliver to your web designer for assistance. If you want to do something different with your design, it can be tough to think beyond the website templates we see often. For you to get your creativity flowing, following are some unique web designs ideas you can use:

  1. App Promotion with Information Resources from Unstuck

Unstuck is a kind of application, which helps get through times where they do not know where to start or what to do. As you scroll down the page, you are introduced to the idea behind the product and linked to other information they have put together. This makes for a good blend of useful information and product promotion – something, which can be difficult to balance devoid of getting off-focus or cluttered.


  1. Portfolio website with unique navigation

Website navigation is quite standardized and with good reason. For instance, people are used to getting links at the topmost part of the page so that’s where we tend to look for them. This is what makes this a typical website design engaging – not necessarily spontaneous but interesting to explore.


  1. Vertical designs from Woodwork

The website for Woodwork – a production, graphics, and film company – stands out from the rest not only because of its noteworthy portfolio but also they have done something, which appears relatively rare in the online world – they designed their website vertically. If you can see, the site scrolls in a vertical position and you can click on any photo, which catches your eye to learn more or see the video.


  1. Resume information in a one-page design from Kevin Lim

When we talk about putting your own resume online, it’s simple to set up your LinkedIn account and just call it a day. The site from Kevin Lim shows how a persona can share their resume online in a manner that is interesting and unique, and highlights both their personality and skills.

  1. How-to-instruction in a single-page design from Bullet Journal

Made by the famous art director Ryder Carrol, Bullet Journal must be your note-taking style, which Carroll tells in the single page website design. Showcasing his idea with simple explanations as well as diagrams, which updates as one progress through the directions, it’s a carefully made how-to-page.

Much like trend and fashion, web design is continuously changing with fads coming and going. When we talk about creating a website, which will make and professional impression, you’ll always do well to maintain everything on trend and up to date.

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How To Get More Followers On Snapchat

Over the past years, snapchat has proven to be worthy of their presence on the powerhouse circle of social media. Moving from being primarily a kiddies messaging service to a well-recognized social media platform by allowing its users to share photos and a short video mixed with emojis, text, drawing and filters,

This practically provides some more intimate ways to share life histories and stories with friends and family better than Facebook.

Snapchat also provide lovely custom geofilters and opportunities for brand sponsorship.

All snapchat users know that discoverability has constantly been a challenge because you will need to follow some people before you can get the chance to view the rest of their stories and videos. Be sure to get snapchat streak after you send and receive messages from a friend.

If you are on snapchat for business reasons in other to promote your brand or you just connecting with friends and families. You still need to be available for easy discovery and followership.


Here is how to get more followers on snapchat


Learn Everything On How To Use The Features


When it comes to having a user-friendly interface, snapcha do not have the best. The whole snapchat learning guide is ok but it is better for you to practice the usage of these features. At least you wont be breaking any rule by playing around the features to discover what they can really do. There are video tutorials out there also that you can learn from also. Take you time and learn about the features.


Engage and Follow! Engage and Follow!!


Be rest assured that snapchat requires you to follow others before you can have access to their stories. To get more followers on snapchat, you need to engage those that are following you and also follow brands and people that interest you or write and post pictures that you like. In the cause of you following them, you will have access to their stories and also be able to send and tag to. So it will be a difficult game not to follow anyone and expect people to follow you.

Remember, the easy part is to follow others but the difficult part is to constantly engage them.

Have A Genuine Interest


Everyone on snapchat is snapping away and posting pictures but the question is always how do you get people to view your post and pictures and still have the feeling of coming back again? This is the very challenge must people face. The simple magic is not magic at all, you absolutely guessed right. Providing friendly content is the answer to why we hardly get followers. It feels and looks old, but it is the best way to retain and get followership on a sustainable level.


Be Careful With This


On snapchat there are two mode features that are Private and Public. What the private means is that there is someone or some people you will like to talk to and share pictures with privately only with them or the individual. While the public mode simple says that everyone will see what you share. Be careful about how you use this mode in other for you not to share your private pictures with the public.


This knowing how will not just help you get followers but will also help you sustain them your followers. So snap your way all the way up there with some good followers.

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How to find good music beats for your next song


Anyone can be a composer today. You’re no longer required to go to the music schools or conservatories to pursue a music composition degree. The best part is all the material is available to you online – and mostly free of charge.

The fact that you’re not an educated composer doesn’t make composing music any easier. You’re in the same creative dilemma which music beat you should use and how to get to the source of the greatest music beats in the industry.


Luckily, we came up with several ideas on how to find a good music beats for your next song – and we hope you will make a next great hit!


Define your budget

Before you rush off to the Internet in search for your next great beat, make sure you decide whether you will be paying for the beats or you’re going for royalty-free beats. The difference can be huge, especially if you’re just starting your career. The quality isn’t the issue here – most paid beats are of average quality, while free beats can be surprisingly good. However, don’t judge any book by its covers: if you have the chance to listen to it before you download it, that would be a great thing.

Next thing you want to do is browse the Internet. The first stop is YouTube. There you can find great beats and great producers who might be willing to help you out – free of charge or in exchange for your services. Whatever you choose, make sure you know exactly what you’re looking for.


Look for beats directories

Another great place to start is online beats and sample directories, such as BogoBeats. The trick with these is this: they are putting more effort to their beats collection than YouTube thus providing the better quality content. The downside of these beat directories is that they require some fee in order to download beat that you need. Recently, I ran into Musicblip, an online archive of loops and samples that offers a free of charge listening to the beats prior to purchasing.


Even though online community has its advantages – especially when it comes to speed and the creative process of uploading/downloading and processing beat – you should also check the old vinyl record stores. In the old days, these were the treasury of any musician/composer that aimed to be the greatest in their field. Take a day off and go to the record store – you will be amazed how many great beats you can find there!


Take a trip to the field

If you like to experiment and have spare time to do your research, then you should take a field recorder and head to the countryside. It may sound crazy to the “modern” composers/producers, but field recording is a smart source of a great music beats. Not only you will get exotic and unusual sounds directly from the nature, but you will get a high quality material to work with in the studio.




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The Best Affiliate Marketing Forums

Over the past 10 years whenever I had a question about my marketing campaigns I just typed it into Google search looking for answers. Nine times out of ten I would find my answer on an affiliate marketing forum.  Learn more at Http://aaronknight.com.au.

Marketing forums are the best Free Learning Tools you can use when looking for specific answers to your marketing campaign questions. If a forum has a large membership base their archives will be filled with real life answers to questions that every affiliate comes across from one time or another in their career. You can access this information easily through a quick forum search.

If what you are looking for isn’t found in the search all you have to do is post your question and before you know it swarms of marketers with lots of experience will be commenting on your post. And the best part, it’s all for FREE! Being part of a good forum is like having hundreds of you own marketing coaches at your disposal without having to pay any of them for their advice. Most of them love what they do and they will be happy to take the time to answer you questions.

Affiliate marketing training course and marketing coach websites are loaded with quality information these days, but they can’t compare to the specific information you can get from a good forum. Plus the ability to interact, respond, and spark discussion in a forum is priceless. Ask anything you can think of and someone will have a response for you. You can be as specific or as vague as you like, it really doesn’t matter. People in this industry just love to show off their knowledge and stories. Its like they are trying to prove how much knowledge they posses by being the first to give a thorough answer. As a newbie you get to reap the rewards from their need to boast about their successes and help others out.

Besides the vast amount of answers and tips that come from posting and reading in marketing forums their is also the potential for gaining traffic and Back Links. Generating Traffic and Back Links from forums is an entirely different topic which I will explain later. For the mean time the point I want to get across is “If you aren’t part of a good Affiliate Marketing Forum you are stunting your growth as an affiliate and missing out on the best free training tools available to you”. End of story.

I have found myself, time and time again, visiting 2 main forums:

1) Affilorama Forum (note: you cannot access these forums without signing up for a Free Membership. To Signup click the green button “Join Now, Its Free”)

2) Warrior Forum

Both Affilorama and Warrior Forum have quality content, both have large member subscriptions and both are free to join. Affilorama seem to have more positive members than Warrior Forum. Every so often in Warrior Forums you will come across the bitter wise ass comments of a member which i don’t think I ever saw on Affilorama Forums. The senior members of Affilorama are always ready to help even if there answer is in the form of a link to another forum post. They also have so many enthusiastic newbies willing to ask the questions you might not think to ask. So even if you join but don’t post any questions you will still learn a ton just from browsing the topics.

Another reason that Affilorama blows the other forums out of the water is that when you sign up you also get a treasure trove of other bonuses such as access to training articles and tips, access to over 100 free training videos, and deals on affiliate products and software. When you join their network you are joining a community of working marketers, not just a place to post question and view answers. Thats not to say that Warrior Forum isn’t amazing. It really is a good source of answers and well worth joining, but when compared side by side, Affilorama just gives you more.  If the warrior forum doesn’t have what you might be looking for then feel free to contact us at our main office.


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Choosing a Quality Hosting Provider

A webhost must satiate some quintessential requisites of hosting. Every webhost will have a plethora of plans and will put forth a myriad of features. You have to cut through these propositions and focus on the most significant elements.

Choosing a quality hosting provider is not a difficult task when you know what to assess and compare. Here is a brief guide that will help you to choose the best hosting provider based on your needs.

You can choose shared or dedicated hosting. Shared hosting is cheaper. Dedicated hosting is more reliable but it is often too costly for small to medium businesses, especially startups. Shared hosting has its merits and demerits. The first element you should focus on is uptime.

It doesn’t matter what plan you opt for, how much bandwidth you need and what kind of features the webhost offers. Nothing will be of any use if the webhost fails in ensuring uptime. Many webhosts promise 99.9% uptime and some even guarantee 100% uptime. Find out if a webhost actually ensures that kind of uptime. You may have a ton of great features but your website may not be live if the webhost doesn’t have the infrastructure and expertise to keep the servers live and running at all times.

Focus On What The Hosting Provider Promises

The second element to focus on is if the webhost delivers exactly what it promises. There are numerous instances wherein a hosting company has offered unlimited bandwidth but has capped it nonetheless. Don’t fall for promises that the hosting companies wouldn’t honor. Companies like HawkHost deliver on their promises. Very few will actually tell you what they would deliver.
It is easy to oversell, hard to over deliver. This doesn’t just apply to bandwidth or storage but also to customer service and more. If a hosting company can only offer live support for twelve hours, then they should not claim to have live chat or email support twenty four hours a day. It is easier for everyone to do their job when the claims are not hyped up.

Is The Hosting Scalable

The third element is scalability. Any hosting company with average infrastructure would be able to offer you reasonable storage. You need to know if the hosting company can offer scalability, from 1TB storage to 5TB for instance, from 100 emails to 500 emails or perhaps from normal antivirus security to SSL certification. As you grow your business, you would need to make your online presence formidable. That wouldn’t happen with adequate support from your hosting provider.

Final Hosting Thoughts

It’s tought to choose the right hosting provider with so many choices out there these days. Hopefully this article went a long way in helping you make the right decision when it comes time to host your site.

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