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How to Build Backlinks the Smart Way

Posted on 03. Sep, 2010 by Julius Kuhn-Regnier.


Many people use link building to improve their search engine rankings because that’s what search engines look at. They look at how many links you have pointing to your website to decide whether your website is an authority website.

In this article I want to show you a different method through which you can increase your traffic and build backlinks at the same time.

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How About Long Tail Sites?

Posted on 13. Aug, 2010 by Julius Kuhn-Regnier.


I recently told you about all the web sites I created. The only reason why I created them in the first place was because I wanted to make money.

I started creating a site a few months ago just to find out whether it would be possible to easily get long tail traffic to a new website. That’s the experiment I am sharing with you here.

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My Mini Site Experiment

Posted on 30. Jun, 2010 by Julius Kuhn-Regnier.


I have created several mini sites within the last few months. The reason why I did this was to actually make money through them. So in this article I want to share my experience with you on mini sites.

I have to warn you though. I haven’t quite mastered the art of building mini sites but I hope that this article will still prove useful to you.

For everyone who thinks about creating a mini site I can only say: Simply try it. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot of things while creating these mini sites and that’s why I will keep on creating more of them. The most important thing you shouldn’t underestimate with building mini sites is that you gain lots of experience especially concerning SEO.

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Resources Every Blogger Needs on a Daily Basis

Posted on 29. May, 2010 by Julius Kuhn-Regnier.


Man screaming in the desertToday I want to talk about all the resources you need as a blogger. I personally have some web sites that I use for pretty much everything concerning blogging and Internet marketing. There are lots of things involved that you need to do on a daily basis.

That’s why I want to show you what websites I use on a daily basis.

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3 Exotic SEO Strategies for Your Website

Posted on 13. Apr, 2010 by Julius Kuhn-Regnier.


Jungle leafsI have recently read a lot about SEO and about search engines in general. It is generally a great topic and I would like to contribute some ideas to it.

Search engines are great. They help you find the information you want to find. That’s what SEO is about, trying to make your web site more accessible to others because you (hopefully) offer valuable information.

There are of course many approaches to SEO but I think some people are simply going wrong. If you solely focus on the good old search engine optimization way where you simply try to build links then you have to face some tough competition. And it’s getting harder each day. So why not be creative at trying to drive people to your web site? This is my list of the exotic approaches you can take to SEO.

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