How to find good music beats for your next song

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Anyone can be a composer today. You’re no longer required to go to the music schools or conservatories to pursue a music composition degree. The best part is all the material is available to you online – and mostly free of charge.

The fact that you’re not an educated composer doesn’t make composing music any easier. You’re in the same creative dilemma which music beat you should use and how to get to the source of the greatest music beats in the industry.


Luckily, we came up with several ideas on how to find a good music beats for your next song – and we hope you will make a next great hit!


Define your budget

Before you rush off to the Internet in search for your next great beat, make sure you decide whether you will be paying for the beats or you’re going for royalty-free beats. The difference can be huge, especially if you’re just starting your career. The quality isn’t the issue here – most paid beats are of average quality, while free beats can be surprisingly good. However, don’t judge any book by its covers: if you have the chance to listen to it before you download it, that would be a great thing.

Next thing you want to do is browse the Internet. The first stop is YouTube. There you can find great beats and great producers who might be willing to help you out – free of charge or in exchange for your services. Whatever you choose, make sure you know exactly what you’re looking for.


Look for beats directories

Another great place to start is online beats and sample directories, such as BogoBeats. The trick with these is this: they are putting more effort to their beats collection than YouTube thus providing the better quality content. The downside of these beat directories is that they require some fee in order to download beat that you need. Recently, I ran into Musicblip, an online archive of loops and samples that offers a free of charge listening to the beats prior to purchasing.


Even though online community has its advantages – especially when it comes to speed and the creative process of uploading/downloading and processing beat – you should also check the old vinyl record stores. In the old days, these were the treasury of any musician/composer that aimed to be the greatest in their field. Take a day off and go to the record store – you will be amazed how many great beats you can find there!


Take a trip to the field

If you like to experiment and have spare time to do your research, then you should take a field recorder and head to the countryside. It may sound crazy to the “modern” composers/producers, but field recording is a smart source of a great music beats. Not only you will get exotic and unusual sounds directly from the nature, but you will get a high quality material to work with in the studio.




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