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The SEO Checklist: Top Mistakes To Avoid

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With insane amounts of content being created, analyzed, published and promoted each second all around the world, it is overwhelming if you think about it. All consumers become incredibly self-directed in their lookout for answers and solutions to their problems and questions. Strategic and excellent quality search engine optimization is incredibly important to help improve the kind of answers the audience receives. SEO has indeed been through tremendous amounts of evolution since its initial stages of keyword focused content.

More than 1 ½ to 2 trillion searches happen every year on Google and today’s SEO is finding the right balance between user geared content and trying to convince the SEO crawlers that the material is supreme. Here we dive into some of the mistakes an SEO should avoid and also some tips that you may need to help remedy them. If you are looking out for a company that would carry out the SEO process flawlessly search for the best SEO company in Chicago.

  1. Do not optimize your content around one word or something so insignificant. It provides subpar experience for the audience and is ineffective since search engines are becoming better at determining the intention of the searches.
  2. Neglected the dated content: refresh your old content as often as you can. We all know you may have created a ton of content in the previous couple of years that you haven’t touched since you first published it. Find a way to make it relevant for the people who search, that may well be what they are looking for. Pay attention to evergreen and eternal topics which would be applicable even decades later.
  3. Not performing optimization to your site speed: sites which are faster will have better crawl rate and will surely provide a better user interface and experience, you don’t want to frustrate your audience by slow sites do you now?
  4. Failing to and not at all including relevant and helpful links which are internal and external: if you have successfully attracted people to your content, you will have an audience which you have captivated which are indeed interested, and they are probably on the lookout for more. Always be on the watch for opportunities to add links to the other content on your site. Also, make sure all external links end up opening in new tabs/ windows to make it easier for the users.
  5. Do not serve them content which is hard to read: the audience is generally looking to sponge and absorbs the material in quicker rates so therefore make sure the content is relevant, not too off topic and not too blocky and large. Use regular sized fonts and normally sized article sizes.
  6. Forgetting and the optimization of images: the images are very important for your content as they add a visual element and can have an overall positive impact.
  7. Not having unique content: it is indeed tempting to reuse some content which you have already created, search engines won’t be fooled, do not duplicate the content across pages. Don’t publish similar content very often either. Make them personalized and unparalleled to other content on your site and even other websites.
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