Unique Web Design Ideas for Your Website

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Whether you are making a portfolio, launching your business, or promoting an app to potential customers, you like your website to stand out and be outstanding among the rest, while catching and holding the attention of your visitors as well. As anyone who has tried to create a site knows, that could be a tall order.

The first block normally occurs at the stage of idealization, often when you are not searching for web design ideas to deliver to your web designer for assistance. If you want to do something different with your design, it can be tough to think beyond the website templates we see often. For you to get your creativity flowing, following are some unique web designs ideas you can use:

  1. App Promotion with Information Resources from Unstuck

Unstuck is a kind of application, which helps get through times where they do not know where to start or what to do. As you scroll down the page, you are introduced to the idea behind the product and linked to other information they have put together. This makes for a good blend of useful information and product promotion – something, which can be difficult to balance devoid of getting off-focus or cluttered.


  1. Portfolio website with unique navigation

Website navigation is quite standardized and with good reason. For instance, people are used to getting links at the topmost part of the page so that’s where we tend to look for them. This is what makes this a typical website design engaging – not necessarily spontaneous but interesting to explore.


  1. Vertical designs from Woodwork

The website for Woodwork – a production, graphics, and film company – stands out from the rest not only because of its noteworthy portfolio but also they have done something, which appears relatively rare in the online world – they designed their website vertically. If you can see, the site scrolls in a vertical position and you can click on any photo, which catches your eye to learn more or see the video.


  1. Resume information in a one-page design from Kevin Lim

When we talk about putting your own resume online, it’s simple to set up your LinkedIn account and just call it a day. The site from Kevin Lim shows how a persona can share their resume online in a manner that is interesting and unique, and highlights both their personality and skills.

  1. How-to-instruction in a single-page design from Bullet Journal

Made by the famous art director Ryder Carrol, Bullet Journal must be your note-taking style, which Carroll tells in the single page website design. Showcasing his idea with simple explanations as well as diagrams, which updates as one progress through the directions, it’s a carefully made how-to-page.

Much like trend and fashion, web design is continuously changing with fads coming and going. When we talk about creating a website, which will make and professional impression, you’ll always do well to maintain everything on trend and up to date.

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