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The Best Affiliate Marketing Forums

Over the past 10 years whenever I had a question about my marketing campaigns I just typed it into Google search looking for answers. Nine times out of ten I would find my answer on an affiliate marketing forum. Learn more at Http://aaronknight.com.au.

Marketing forums are the best Free Learning Tools you can use when looking for specific answers to your marketing campaign questions. If a forum has a large membership base their archives will be filled with real life answers to questions that every affiliate comes across from one time or another in their career. You can access this information easily through a quick forum search.

If what you are looking for isn’t found in the search all you have to do is post your question and before you know it swarms of marketers with lots of experience will be commenting on your post. And the best part, it’s all for FREE! Being part of a good forum is like having hundreds of you own marketing coaches at your disposal without having to pay any of them for their advice. Most of them love what they do and they will be happy to take the time to answer you questions.

Affiliate marketing training course and marketing coach websites are loaded with quality information these days, but they can’t compare to the specific information you can get from a good forum. Plus the ability to interact, respond, and spark discussion in a forum is priceless. Ask anything you can think of and someone will have a response for you. You can be as specific or as vague as you like, it really doesn’t matter. People in this industry just love to show off their knowledge and stories. Its like they are trying to prove how much knowledge they posses by being the first to give a thorough answer. As a newbie you get to reap the rewards from their need to boast about their successes and help others out.

Besides the vast amount of answers and tips that come from posting and reading in marketing forums their is also the potential for gaining traffic and Back Links. Generating Traffic and Back Links from forums is an entirely different topic which I will explain later. For the mean time the point I want to get across is “If you aren’t part of a good Affiliate Marketing Forum you are stunting your growth as an affiliate and missing out on the best free training tools available to you”. End of story.

I have found myself, time and time again, visiting 2 main forums:

1) Affilorama Forum (note: you cannot access these forums without signing up for a Free Membership. To Signup click the green button “Join Now, Its Free”)

2) Warrior Forum

Both Affilorama and Warrior Forum have quality content, both have large member subscriptions and both are free to join. Affilorama seem to have more positive members than Warrior Forum. Every so often in Warrior Forums you will come across the bitter wise ass comments of a member which i don’t think I ever saw on Affilorama Forums. The senior members of Affilorama are always ready to help even if there answer is in the form of a link to another forum post. They also have so many enthusiastic newbies willing to ask the questions you might not think to ask. So even if you join but don’t post any questions you will still learn a ton just from browsing the topics.

Another reason that Affilorama blows the other forums out of the water is that when you sign up you also get a treasure trove of other bonuses such as access to training articles and tips, access to over 100 free training videos, and deals on affiliate products and software. When you join their network you are joining a community of working marketers, not just a place to post question and view answers. Thats not to say that Warrior Forum isn’t amazing. It really is a good source of answers and well worth joining, but when compared side by side, Affilorama just gives you more. If the warrior forum doesn’t have what you might be looking for then feel free to contact us at our main office at lion-rank.net.


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