Best VR Earsets

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The Virtual Reality ear sets are one among the latest gadgets that everyone wants to get their hands on. The Virtual Reality kits provide the perfect cinematic experience to the users. With new tech coming up every day the Virtual Reality kits is definitely one of the greatest leaps.
When it comes to mobile phone operating systems there only two major players. The Android and iOS. They both are very different platforms. Most of the hardware designed for the mobile phones are separately designed for iOS devices and Android devices.

Every VR ear set is good in their own way. If you are buying one there a lot of reviews available online like vr headset for iphone – havethisbeast. Here are some of the best VR kits available in the market.

Google Daydream View

Whether it is a hardware or software from Google, you can always expect the best. The Google Daydream is the perfect update to Google Cardboard. The biggest advantage of Google Daydream is that it works on any mobile with an Android Operating System. With the cost it offers, and the quality it provides Google Daydream is something that is worth spending your money.

HTC Vive

When the HTC Vive hit the markets in August 2018, it was an instant hit, especially among the gamers. When it comes to gaming, the HTC Vive was direct competition for the Oculus Rift. Most of the pro gamers are placing their bets on HTC Vive. The HTC Vive lowered the prices after introducing the pro model. The advantage is, it comes with a motion controller, and the disadvantage is that it needs heavy graphics support like GeForce GTX to get the best quality images or videos.

Samsung Gear VR

Any gadget for the matter, Samsung is one brand that really gives a tough fight to the rest. If you are planning to cut down on the cost and at the time want some good quality Samsung Gear is the ideal option. The cost is really low for the quality it offers. The disadvantages are that you need a Samsung device to operate it. It is not as comfortable as its competitors. The other major factor is locked with Oculus’s mobile VR library.

Lenovo Mirage

The Lenovo Mirage is the collaborative effort of Lenovo and Google. It is the first one to combine the Googledaydream VR platform with WorldSense. The Mirage Solo is a separate device from Lenovo. It has 835 Snapdragon processor built-in screen. The Mirage Solo uses WorldSense to track the movements. If you are someone who opts for VR just for the sake of seeing videos, Lenovo Mirage would be fine. Other than that it is nothing but a compromise in a lot of aspects.

Oculus Go

When it comes to VR, there are two classifications. Tethered headsets that connect with the PC, gaming devices and mobile units. The Oculus Go is very different that doesn’t require a smartphone or any external PC. We need to credit Oculus Go giving an awesome product with very tolerable flaws for such a low cost. Oculus Go literally made VR kits available to the masses.

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