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Best VR Headsets for iPhone

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It’s rare for iPhone users to feel slightly left behind the times. Yet with Apple still dragging their heels around releasing their own dedicated VR platform, for the time being, they just have to make to with compatible alternatives. On the plus side, there is a good variety of such options out there that will perform well and maybe not even break the bank either. Here are a few of the best.


1) Merge VR Headset


This funky VR headset serves as a great (and wallet-friendly) introduction to VR, and is an ideal option for any iPhone user wanting to bridge the gap until Apple release a dedicated kit of their own. Offering a serviceable 90 degrees viewability this is a lightweight and a very comfortable headset. Controlled by two touchpads which offer a good enough starter’s experience, the real highlight of this kit is the Merge app which is a godsend for helping source iPhone compatible VR games/software. Some may find the rubber design irritating to accommodate larger phone models, but overall this is a great introductory/stopgap choice.


2) BoboVR Z4

Tired of waiting for Apple and want to enjoy arguably the best mobile headset out there? Well, the good news is that the BoboVR Z4 offers an outstanding 120 degrees experience that is even better than the bigger names (Rift, Vive) out there. Incorporating headphones, adjustable lenses and with more than enough space to easily slot over glasses, this is a kit that is going to tick pretty much every box. If we’re nitpicking, it does get a little heavy (15oz with headphones, 11oz without) over longer sessions but any Apple iPhone user wanting to enjoy VR properly must consider this excellent unit. Get more reviews for vr headset for iphone – havethisbeast to get the best out of your VR head set.


3) Panosite VR Headset

This is another excellent option for those looking for a full-on VR experience straight out the box and ready to go. The lenses are arguably a little easier to adjust than the BoboVR Z4 thanks to a simple yet efficient rotary system than moves them closer or further from your eyes. As would be expected from a headset this size, there are excellent integrated headphones and they truly do make for an outstandingly immersive movie, gaming or exploratory experience. Even better, the remote will make gaming even more fun! All that lets this otherwise excellent headset down is that the straps are not the most comfortable.


4) AntVR TAW

Returning back to the ‘stopgap’ market, here’s another pocket-money contender that serves perfectly for testing out and enjoying the basic VR experience on an iPhone. While it may not be the sleekest looking option out there, it is very functional, easy to use and most important of all offers an impressive 100 degree visibility. As a wraparound set, there are of course no speakers so you’ll have to put up with your smartphone’s audio output. But beyond that, this is a solid choice especially for kids or curious newcomers to the wonderful world of VR.


There are plenty of other options out there but these four provide a decent representation of how affordable VR has become. Whether or not to choose and wait for the dedicated (and inevitably expensive) Apple release is a personal call. But none of these will let you down for the time being.

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