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Everyone has goals and dreams. We all want to accomplish our goals and also get there in the least possible time. That’s why we are always trying to figure out ways of getting to our ‘making it’ point in life. It’s probably how you found yourself reading this article.

However, in as much as there are countless pieces of advice and well-laid out strategies, all specially crafted to lead you to success, out there, what if we have been wrong all along. What if this ” me, my dreams, my goals, etc” is not actually the right method for making progress. What if we need to stop spending all our time thinking about ourselves and spend more time helping others. Though this may sound a bit unbelievable, research as well as real life experiences have proved that helping can lead to your greatest success.

By Helping others, You will learn how to help yourself.  If you want to help someone out by lending your technological device for their education you can checkout trade in macbook.    Great philanthropists say that by helping others achieve success, you are helping yourself succeed. This is true because, by nature, when you help others, they will want to help you too in future. It’s actually a win-win situation and you will find that competent people are always do it.

Successful individuals like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates are always looking for ways to help others. You can learn from them and start doing so, too. Don’t adopt the mindset of most unsuccessful people who can only help others if there is something for them. Your motivation for helping others should be finding joy in making a positive impact in others and believe me, the rest will take care of itself.

Ways to help others that will lead you to success

  1. Share your network

Introduce others to people you believe can help them advance their goals. Networking is one of the most important step towards success and expanding other people’s networks brings them closer to their goals. As you share your network with others, you will end up expanding your own network and are likely to receive calls from people you least expected.


  1. Teach Others

Anyone with big dreams is definitely an expert at something. There is someone out there who can benefit from your knowledge; helping them get ahead in life.      When you spend your time teaching or mentoring someone, you learn new skills in the process. You will take your expertise to a new level and improve your capacity to solve problems.


  1. Be altruist

Putting other people’s needs before yours actually works in the real world. The more you help others attain their personal and professional goal, the more you, your business or organization will succeed. You are likely to achieve more than you have ever imagined.      In truth, being altruist does not lead to instant success but with time, you will realize it is very effective in giving you everything you have ever wanted.


More ways to help others that will lead you to success     There are many more ways to help others achieve their goals and in turn help yourself reach your desired level too. If you care about others, you will always identify opportunities to help others.



It’s not always easy to help others. Most times, it will affect your resources, time and schedule. But remember, the more you help others, the more you help yourself succeed.

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